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The News

This is exactly what happened in the music business. Fat cats inured to the old ways could not handle change and after a decade of turmoil they realized the only way to cope was to throw in with the disrupters. Music has been the canary in the coal mine for disruption. It’s just that the […]


Helpless – Spotify Helpless – YouTube Don’t email me with that self-righteous attitude telling me you thought this was about the Neil Young song. It’s not. But if you’re interested in the Prairie crooner check out his new cut “My Pledge,” it’s surprisingly good, but not as good as Gordon Lightfoot’s “Plans Of My Own,” […]


This is what artists do. They speak truth to power. They make people uncomfortable. And when there’s a reaction, they know they’ve done their job. Something musicians have failed to do, fearful of alienating a potential customer, a corporation that might sponsor their show. But the truth is the interests of corporations and artists are […]

The Waiting

The Waiting – Spotify The Waiting – YouTube How do you follow up a hit album? That’s the dilemma Bruno Mars is facing and it appears he’s failing the test. Music is frequently best when it’s a Rorschach test, when you think less and just react. Imagine what music would sound like if it was […]