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Ryan Lochte

These people are athletes, not role models, but since NBC has to sell advertising, the media gets on the bandwagon and venerates these people so out of touch with reality, having pursued their sport doggedly for their entire lives, we’re led to believe they’re better than us. But they’re not. Come on, who doesn’t expect […]

Brooklyn (The Movie)

Saoirse Ronan is that good in this movie. I know, I know, “Brooklyn” came out last year, was trumped-up as being Oscar-worthy, might have been nominated and even won, but I’ve given up on the Academy Awards, what was once a ritual can now be skipped, whether African-Americans are nominated or not, because movies have […]

MIke Posner At The Grammy Museum

I came to hear “I Took A Pill In Ibiza,” but I got so much more! It was the most meaningful gig in memory, I couldn’t play the radio on the way home, I was numb, I was basking in the experience. I didn’t expect this, when we spoke in the green room…he wasn’t completely […]

Hey Violet and Jessarae At The Echoplex

Richard Griffiths ran Epic in the U.S. Harry Magee ran A&M in the U.K. Together they run a Modest! Management, most famous for handling One Direction. But they also manage Five Seconds Of Summer, whose success they built on the back of 1D. And now they’re building Hey Violet on the back of 5SOS. Jessarae […]