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School Of Rock Convention

They’re doing God’s work. While the rest of America is dashing for cash, while wannabe musicians keep complaining about Spotify, as if they could hold back the future, as if they were owed a living in music, a ragtag band of musicians and entrepreneurs is birthing the next generation of rock and rollers for the […]

Rhinofy-Joni Mitchell Playlist

NATHAN LA FRANEER If you bought “Joni Mitchell,” aka “Song To A Seagull,” when it came out, you’re a member of a very exclusive club or you’re lying. There were no famous covers, no big media campaign, the record barely made a noise. Yet, when you discovered it sometime thereafter, which you did if you […]

New World

What if after a long bout of writer’s block you put out an album nearly as good as your debut, but most people ignored it? Then you’d have Karla Bonoff’s 1988 LP “New World.” Produced by Mark Goldenberg of Cretones fame and released on Danny Goldberg’s Gold Castle Records this gem sank like a stone…what […]

Rhinofy-Karla Bonoff

SOMEONE TO LAY DOWN BESIDE ME Linda Ronstadt was America’s sweetheart, the coolest rock chick who owned the airwaves, she released her third smash in a row, “Hasten Down The Wind” and the killer track, which finished the LP, was “Someone To Lay Down Beside Me.” The instrumentation was perfect, haunting, the sheen shone, and […]