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The Amy Winehouse Movie

What impressed me most was she was singing her truth, unselfconsciously, in a world where we’re all too guarded, posting on Instagram about our fabulous lives when the truth is so often we feel tortured and unsure, insecure. Amy Winehouse was insecure. And she dealt with this by doing her best not to be too […]

Culture Club At The Greek

I know you’ll miss me I know you’ll miss me I know you’ll miss me blind Actually, no. We wouldn’t have even gone to the Greek if it hadn’t been Rena’s birthday. And when the band appeared on the big screen in her office I thought it was a commercial, because who goes on tour […]

Rhinofy-New Riders Of The Purple Sage

The first album, not their whole oeuvre, because nothing thereafter was quite as good, and every Deadhead owned the initial LP. Jerry Garcia played with them, live and on record. He was into pedal steel. But the truth is the John “Marmaduke” Dawson-led New Riders opened the Dead gigs forty five years ago and it […]

Bill Simmons

Crawling from the wreckage into a brand new car Bill Simmons has edges. To the point where ESPN’s majordomo, John Skipper, decided to fire him. This is like the high school principal teaching you a lesson. Proving that no individual is as big as the institution. You had contempt for the administration at your educational […]