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I’m an alienated person. I feel too much and I don’t fit in. I’m not sure when I recognized this. Probably sometime in elementary school. When I thought doing well would result in happiness, when I couldn’t handle being the most popular kid in class. And when you fall from the throne you end up […]

Data Kills Tidal

“The numbers don’t lie: Jay-Z’s Tidal music service is already a spectacular flop” Live by the data, die by the data. In other words, Jay Z’s not so smart. He may have been able to extract cash from Samsung, but he’s living in the last decade, if not the last century. You remember the 1990’s, […]

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees

How did we get here? Where the only people who seem to care are those desirous of getting third-rate talent inducted and the old men who are on the nominating committee? Once upon a time rock and roll ruled the world. They said it would never die. But it did. The problem with rock is […]

Rhinofy-Anything Goes

The big hit was “I’m No Angel.” That’s right, Gregg Allman was free of Phil Walden and Capricorn. He signed a deal with Epic and lo and behold, nearly a decade after his last solo work, when MTV ruled and it looked like the game had totally changed, he broke through once again. Not that […]