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Please Don’t Go

Babe, I love you so I want you to know Did I tell you I went to Vail for the World Championships? That’s right, you think you know everything about my life, but that would be untrue. With a laptop and phone you can be anywhere, and the second week of February found me in […]


I really like this show. The problem with Lena Dunham is she’s overhyped. Once upon a time you labored in obscurity, you gained traction slowly and then were universally applauded. Now it’s the reverse. You haven’t got your shit together, you emerge with tons of publicity, the press says you’re great and we say you’re […]

Life Happens While You’re Not Paying Attention

Kind of like the Supreme Court. You vote for some guy who says he’ll lower your taxes, but the truth is this President gets to appoint a Supreme Court justice who serves for life and when a case comes up long after the exec is gone, you find out that the court is tilted in […]

Rhinofy-Dylan Covers

BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND Peter, Paul & Mary We had no idea who Bob Dylan was, but Peter, Paul & Mary were STARS! If you were Jewish and went to summer camp… No, scratch that, if you went to summer camp at all, I heard this at Boy Scout camp, you knew “Blowin’ In The […]