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You’ve got to believe in yourself. I’m gonna tell you one of my favorite Irving Azoff stories. So I’m in the bowels of the Hollywood Bowl, talking to John Baruck, Irving’s old fraternity brother from Illinois. And I’m getting history, I love history, for the story alone, never mind what you learn. So Irving goes […]

Bill O’Reilly

Karma’s a bitch. They’re out to get him, but it’s Bill’s response that has me flummoxed. Why does everybody in power double-down, why do they try and blow their attacker’s house down? It makes men look foolish, that they can’t admit that they are wrong, believing he with the biggest megaphone wins when it really […]

Rhinofy-Tom Petty-Early Album Cuts

THE WILD ONE, FOREVER Probably my favorite Petty cut. Well the moon sank as the wind blew And the street lights slowly died This is the essence of music, setting the scene with just a few words, between the lyrics and the music, you get it. Yeah they call you the wild one Stay away […]

Peter Burns

He died suddenly. So I’m sitting on a couch in the late afternoon contemplating the Pacific Ocean. It’s gonna be here whether I am or not. Feeling insignificant, I wondered what life was about. Inside the movers and shakers were jockeying for position. Believing if they just climbed the totem pole higher they’d be happier, […]