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Rhinofy-Shelf in the Room

Remember when we used to argue about Days of the New? This was back in the mid-nineties when Geffen Records was the king of rock, just before that format imploded and so did the label. Before videos were all about the production and not the music, before rap went on a victory lap. It’s almost […]

Sales vs. Spotify

(Note: These charts are not all the exact same week. The SoundScan singles and album charts are for the week ending 1/11/15, as is the global Spotify streaming chart, whereas, unfortunately, the Spotify U.S. streaming chart is for the week ending 1/18/15. I could wait until all the charts align, but I’m inspired now, and […]

Kim Fowley

He had twins! That’s right, when he was a teenager he knocked up his girlfriend and by time I spoke with Kim in Manchester they were in their forties. Balding accountants if I remember correctly, he had little contact with them. And I’m not sure if the point of my story is the famous are […]

New Reading Glasses

“The clerk is a jerk.” That’s what Jeff Garlin told Marc Maron. Actually, that’s what Jeff Garlin’s mother told Jeff. That you want to talk to the MANAGER! Maybe it’s a Jewish shtick, but my father was full of these aphorisms. Like you need to see the BIG DOCTOR! Especially in L.A., where they’re available. […]