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Buggin’ Me

FALSE MODESTY “I’m such an idiot.” “I’m so stupid.” “I’m so ugly.” When I hear guys say these things, and it is usually guys, my eyes roll. This self-righteous blather does one of two things, it either takes the person out of the equation, eliminates risk, so you won’t judge them, or it demonstrates their […]

Joe Cocker

That couldn’t possibly be his name. In the late sixties America was inundated with British acts, a second wave that was not about hit singles, but albums, wiping away the detritus of the British Invasion and pushing the populace forward via the newly embraced radio format known as FM. Previously littered with simulcasts and classical […]

Rebel Heart

It used to be a leak trashed an album’s commercial chances. Could just the opposite be true now? Madonna’s a has-been. Like Paul McCartney and Tom Petty. Someone everybody knows who has trouble selling new music. But unlike McCartney and Petty, Madge is a trendster, she didn’t just replicate an old sound on her new […]

A Few Winter Songs

“Winter” Tori Amos My favorite Tori song, from before she lost the plot. Did she become more obscure because of her success or was she headed that way? We’ll never know. But at this point this is my favorite winter song, the one I think about when the day is gray. “Winter” The Rolling Stones […]