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Eric the Actor

He was the most famous celebrity you don’t know. Originally saddled with the sobriquet “Eric the Midget,” Eric Lynch’s protestations were heard and the Stern show staff agreed to refer to him as “Eric the Actor,” since he considered himself to be a thespian. Yes, the Howard Stern show. I wasn’t there when Eric originally […]

Rhinofy-American Beauty Primer

This is the one that made them a household name. Well, dorm room name. Prior to 1971 the Dead were San Francisco hipsters, with a small presence at the Fillmore East, where they most famously played at midnight. But despite not appearing in the Woodstock movie, in the spring of 1970 the Dead made inroads […]

Summer’s Almost Gone

But that did not prevent it from being a hundred degrees for nearly a week in SoCal. And it’s hard not to think about global warming/climate change, but what struck me so much was how early it got dark and how hot it was at the same time. As if the seasons were changing but […]


Don’t confuse your core audience with the public at large. If you’re happy speaking to a small cadre of folks, by all means make an album every two or three years which will speak to your tiny audience. But if you want to be ubiquitous, if you want to be rich, if you want to […]