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Beatles 50th Anniversary Special

They didn’t shoot high enough. What separates the good from the truly great is that barely visible edge, you know, the one upon which you skate exquisitely and triumph, or fall down from and are decimated. It’s absent from music. It’s evident on cable television. From “House Of Cards” to “Breaking Bad” the rulebook has […]

The Grammys

On to the Super Bowl! That’s the shelf life of an ersatz awards show these days. The fawning press, part of the sell-out gravy train, casts no critical eye, the public tweets its snarkiness, and by breakfast we’re done with the Pop Tart and on to something new. Blame Neil Portnow. Blame Ken Ehrlich. But […]


Steven Tyler is a rock star, James Taylor is a national treasure and Lady Gaga knows that fun is the one thing that money can’t buy. Yes, last night at the L.A. Convention Center baby boomers celebrated the life and work of Carole King while across town at the Beats party Gen X honored hip-hop […]

Rhinofy-The Rosanne Cash Album

I wanted to hate it on principle. Because she gets more press than I believe she deserves. So her father was Johnny Cash, so she’s big on Twitter… But if you remember the way it used to be when you put on a record in your own private world and no longer felt so alone, […]