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Dealing With Hate

1. Never ever respond. That’s the hater’s goal. To entrap you. Draw you into a conversation. Wherein you have to justify your complete existence. You can never ever win, furthermore the hater’s friends will pile on. Read if you must, but never acknowledge you’ve done so. 2. Research the hater. Especially on Twitter. See how […]

Hipster Death Spiral

So I asked Anita Elberse what she says to the naysayers. I’M THE YOUNGEST TENURED PROFESSOR AT HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL, WHO ARE YOU? Whew! And there you have it. The separation between the movers and shakers and the hoi polloi. Education. Kristina from Ticketfly caused a brouhaha in Aspen when she suggested concert tickets be […]

I Don’t Remember Your Name

I just had a long conversation with someone who didn’t remember he’d met me. I’m not good with names, but I’m great with faces. I remember conversations. And it’s always so creepy, especially with girls…do I let on that we have history or do I just play…dumb. Happens all the time. I run into an […]

The Story Is Not The Music

Who’s got the time? Beyonce may have delivered a video album that’s got the media and the punters bloviating, but very little of the discussion is about the music, because it’s become secondary to the game. That’s what music is today. I’m surprised Parker Brothers doesn’t have a label. Actually, there are multiple games involved. […]