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Steve Miller Responds

Hi Bob, Thank you for coming to see the show at the Greek and for the nice review, it’s greatly appreciated and a lovely way to start the day. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you and the Doobies do kick it don’t they! I enjoy your work and admire your ability and desire to […]

Steve Miller At The Greek

He can play. And he did. Oh, I know what you’re saying right now, there goes baby boomer Lefsetz, out of touch with new music, going to see the dinosaurs, living in his own private feedback loop. You may be right! But let me tell you what’s happening there. You’ve got bands without tapes or […]

Rhinofy-Murray the K’s Holiday Revue

I went to college with his son! Only baby boomers know how big the deejays were. In New York, Cousin Brucie was on WABC, he was for the masses, like me, the young, safe kids. B. Mitchell Reed was on WMCA. He was the hipster. Who came from L.A. And on the far end of […]


Huh? Which way do you want it, new model or old? Because like almost everything else in life, you can’t have it both ways. For those coming up to speed, Jay-Z offers an overhyped “collaboration” with Samsung wherein the electronics company buys a million albums at five bucks apiece and distributes them via Android apps. […]