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Neal Preston

“I probably partied harder with REO Speedwagon.” That’s what Neal Preston, photographer extraordinaire, said when I asked him what it was like riding on the Starship, Led Zeppelin’s legendary private jet. He said there were no groupies, very little coke, the main activity on the plane was SLEEP! That was another of Mr. Preston’s aphorisms, […]


I stole things. Or as my father would say, I LIBERATED THEM! That’s a term we used back in the sixties. It permeated the culture, kind of like “bling” and “baby mama” do today. Petty theft was seen as a way of sticking it to the man. But the stuff I stole would have no […]


Ajax. That’s what made Gmail work so seamlessly. Greetings from the hot as hell San Fernando Valley wherein on my way to get a haircut in Dixie Canyon I drove by Freakbeat and saw a huge line for Record Store Day! Gotta give ’em credit. Those record stores have built something out of thin air, […]

Get Lucky

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where a single track trumps an entire rock festival? One in which Daft Punk releases its new single on the second weekend of Coachella. Not that the two are not intertwined. But that’s the power of music, that’s the power of one recorded track. […]