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Too much bloviating about nothing. Either Cook, et al, deliver a breakthrough product, create a whole new stream of revenue, or Apple becomes Microsoft, a continuing moneymaker, but hardly cutting edge. OK. You’re an investor. You wanna know where to put your money. For nearly a decade, Apple was a secret hiding in plain sight, […]

Rhinofy-Slippery When Wet

Credit Bruce Fairbairn. Have you heard “Turn Me Loose” recently? It’s usually on Classic Rewind or ’80s on 8. I’m drifting along, just minding my own business, in that fog you enter when you’re behind the wheel, and then… There’s that ascending synth note. Takes forever. Kind of like a space launch. Then you’ve got […]

Some Music

“Look At Miss Ohio” The highlight of Buffalo Springfield at the Santa Barbara County Bowl was this. A live rendition by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings of a cult song everybody in the Americana/No Depression world knows but which has never appeared on Top Forty radio and has not been lauded by the mainstream press. […]

Blind Pilot-Half Moon

Were you ever a fan of Crosby, Stills & Nash? You remember, the band with the perfect harmonies that charmed the girls and were loved by the boys too? Who were sensitive without being wimpy…well, except for a few Graham Nash tracks. Oh, maybe you’re younger than that. Let’s fast-forward twenty years, to Toad The […]