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Rhett Walker Band

This album is INCREDIBLE! I’m reluctant to write about it. Because of the influx of hate I’m gonna get from people who think Nickelback is meritless and are still laughing at Creed. You see this is not that different from those bands. But Lynyrd Skynyrd was not that different from the Allman Brothers, they too, […]

Final Newsroom

Matthews goes after Priebus Politics is kind of like the entertainment business, everybody’s friends, it’s one giant club, where lifers favor loyalty more than truth and you’re not a member. I don’t know what’s going on in our country. Facts seem to have gone out of the window and education is no longer revered. It’s […]

Neil Diamond At The Greek

I’m not exactly sure what I saw. I expected the nearly dead, the same audience that went to see Simon & Garfunkel back at Staples in ’03. People living on Medicare and fumes who could barely stand. A celebration of the old, the way it once was. But last night was positively 2012, but in […]

Cleanup Work

Subject: Re: Reality This past year, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading practically each and every one of your emails for the truth and wisdom they contain. However, the ending of today’s email depressed me.  As the mother of an 18 year would-be rock star, I was thrilled (until 5 minutes ago) that my son (who […]