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The Dunwells At Folk Alliance

Utterly astounding! They’re playing Monday night at Hotel Cafe. GO! With too many bands and too little time I’m relying on recommendations. And the problem is you can’t get into the hot rooms. Which are literally hotel rooms, which creak and cramp if you try to inject twenty people inside. But I did get to […]


It was devastating. You’ve got to understand, my first record was "Martian Hop", I loved the Four Seasons, in 1964 I became a Beatle fanatic. Elvis Presley was for old farts, even when he came back. Still, I remember exactly where I was when I heard he died. Waxing my car outside my apartment on […]

Rhinofy-About Us

1. "What Comes After" This is one of the most beautiful songs you will ever hear. The original album-ender, you feel like you’re in heaven, but still alive. You want to conduct the orchestra with your hands, even though there’s limited instrumentation. This is the apotheosis of the Michael Brown/Ian Lloyd collaboration. This is the […]


1. The Beatles recorded "Sgt. Pepper on 4-track, not 8-track. A miraculous feat. Of course I knew that, but thanks for keeping me honest, for correcting my brain fart. 2. Only one of Arlo’s kids is in the Guthrie Girls. The other woman is Amy Nelson, daughter of WILLIE! As one reader e-mailed me, if […]