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It’s not about networking, but inspiration. It’s not so much who you know, but what you can learn from them. Maybe it’s MySpace. Could be Facebook and LinkedIn and too many business books. They all focus on networking. Establishing your "brand" and meeting as many people as possible. Blowing up your rolodex so you can […]

E-Mail Of The Day

From: Stu PflaumRe: We’re Selling Creativity It really is all about taking risks these days and the old model has to be destroyed. I recently made the decision to release our label’s latest album on Spotify three weeks ahead of street date. The execs I’ve spoken to on the move think I’m crazy. They say […]


This is a studio problem. Ignore Wall Street. That’s a gambling casino for the besuited set. These are the people who punished Apple for not meeting their expectations. Which were out of whack. Because they were the only ones who didn’t know a new iPhone was coming. You’ll buy last year’s car at a discount, […]

We’re Selling Creativity

And that can’t be learned in school. I want you to read this story by Michael Ellsberg from Sunday’s "New York Times": Will Dropouts Save America? it says what I already know, college is bullshit. Oh, I learned a bit in college, but almost none of it was in the classroom. When I go to […]