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Pristine Buffalo Springfield Audio

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD REUNIONBridge School Benefit 2010 – Saturday Show Listen to this before they take it down. Solid proof that video is a disservice to music.  Listening to these tracks one feels closer to the music, closer to being there than watching any YouTube clip. And for those of you young ‘uns who wonder what […]

For What It’s Worth

The biggest story in music this week is not Taylor Swift, certainly not Lady GaGa, not even Greyson Chance showing his 13 year old chops on "Ellen".  No, the big story is the Buffalo Springfield reunion. Are you going to San Francisco? Sure, that’s a Scott McKenzie lyric, but I can’t tell you how many […]

Steve Perry Sings His Own Song

Steve Perry & 43,000 Friends NEVER ‘Stop Believing’ in the GIANTS Some things just make you feel good. I’m going through today’s e-mail and someone linked to this clip.  Just another use of the national anthem, "Don’t Stop Believin’".  Hey, it’s great the Giants won the National League Championship and are celebrating, but there’s nothing […]

Bon Jovi’s Endless Tour

Bon Jovi 2011 At least Bob Dylan changes the arrangements. Isn’t this how we got into trouble?  Do you really expect fans to overpay forever to hear the same damn songs? In other words, you need new material that people want to hear or the tickets have to be cheap.  You might stop at Quiznos […]