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Just Like Paradise

Speaking about the gulf between rich and poor, I’m driving a $146,425 car.  BEFORE TAXES! I normally drive a pocket rocket, a rice burner.  I got it for $9500 off.  Hell, who wants a Subaru that says SAAB?  Yup, under the skin, my car is a Subaru WRX.  A poor man’s Porsche. And why am […]

State Of The Touring Industry

MUSIC OR THE ECONOMY? No one knows for sure.  Is business bad because ticket prices are too high for acts that have been on the road too often playing old material while new acts are ever-harder to develop or is it just that the economy sucks? It’s unclear. But you can’t trust the prognostications. "Pollstar" […]

Jackson Browne (& David Lindley!) At The Greek

He played "Free Bird". I could have missed it.  Too many gigs with Jackson and his band playing the same arrangements of too many lame new songs had my desire flagging.  Not that Jackson is unable to do anything good new, just listen to "Never Stop" from "The Naked Ride Home".  It’s just that when […]