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Market Share Report

But I thought EMI was history, on the brink of extinction, how could Terra Firma’s company almost equal the Warner Music Group in new release market share, only half a percentage point separating the two? HitsDailyDouble has an exhaustive market share report: Q1 MARKETSHARE REPORT:SME, EMI PLAY CATCH UP You may have to register first, […]

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest

You can’t buy it. But the buzz is unbelievable.  Readers feel triumphant, special, like they’re members of a cult.  Does this remind you of the way it used to be in the music business? Start reading "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".  Just buy it.  Don’t check with your friends, the price is not outrageous, […]

Steve Jobs’ Response

He’s not impossible to get ahold of, he reads his e-mail and every so often, he gives a response.  And the "Telegraph" has assembled some of his choice retorts. But I’m only gonna focus on one: Question: I have to pay Apple to see if my water-damaged MacBook Pro can be fixed? Steve Jobs’ answer: […]

The Real Crisis

The biggest crisis facing the music business isn’t pricing, of either music or concerts, but the lack of a filter telling people what to listen to. You may decry "American Idol", but at least it assembles a mass of eyeballs to pay attention to new performers. Yes, the music is well-known, but the performers are […]