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It’s 1968 All Over Again

Youngsters might think that Jimi Hendrix was the beneficiary of a huge hit.  But although "Are You Experienced" exploded in 1968, "Purple Haze" was never heard on AM radio.  Nor "Foxey Lady". Hendrix was anathema to Top Forty radio.  His sound was too different, he was ignored. Focusing on Joel Whitburn books, one might think […]

Albums-Year To Date

1. Lil Wayne "Tha Carter III"  2,671,816 Do we want to focus on the Internet marketing campaign (i.e. the steady release of free product), the discounts/free goods to retail, the fact that a hip-hop album is number one or the low total gross.  I choose to look at this final fact.  There’s not a lot […]

Subscription Services

They’re being sold all wrong. You can’t sell a streaming service as a value proposition, it doesn’t work.  What you’ve got to do is sell it as a LUXURY ITEM! This past week has been enrapturing because I’ve been listening to the history of recorded music via Napster on my Sonos system.  But I’d like […]

E-Mail Of The Day

hey bob- Like Shrieve, I have to disagree with you on at least one count about the dearth of singer/songwriters out there.  In general, it’s a genre that lends itself to b-minus/c-plus material.  The world is populated with talented guitarists who have gorgeous voices….but it isn’t as amply staffed with songwriters.  On the otherside though…..I […]