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George Carlin

The last time I saw George Carlin was at the Universal Amphitheatre. As I watched him stride the stage with his mic, I thought what a great job this was. You get an agent to book the gig, you drive to the venue from your house, you do your show and you take ALL THE […]

Measuring Sticks

Recorded Music Sales Tracks are not evanescent. You don’t consume them and they disappear. Some people, like me, still have all their vinyl, but most don’t. So just because someone bought your CD once, don’t think you live on into eternity. Arguably, you’re better off selling an MP3 than a CD. Said MP3 might be […]

Music’s Power

Last night I watched Bud Greenspan’s documentary on the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. I’m not sure if you’re aware that the L.A. Basin is baking like an oven, but if you’re in Santa Monica, legendarily un-air-conditioned, you don’t want to be home. So, I wasn’t, I was off in the mountains, then at a party, […]


I’m gonna break one of my rules. Today I got an e-mail from a manager, one of many, imploring me to write about his act. I told him this was the kiss of death, that if you ask for hype, you don’t get it. But this woman asked for hype, and I’m doing all I […]