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Sam Cutler On Live Earth

Yep! The bullshit aptly described and decried – blame it on the "industrialization of music" that occurred during the "rock revolution" when the bottom line (instead of art) became what mattered. This "creeping capitalization" and the transformation of "the music business" to the "entertainment industry" have suborned all values to the over-riding necessity of profit. […]

The Zimmers

The Zimmers "My Generation" Used to be you couldn’t reach the old farts.  They didn’t go to school, they didn’t go out to clubs, they were positively out of the loop.  Isn’t that what selling CDs at Starbucks is predicated on?  Baby boomers being out of the loop? But suddenly, baby boomers have learned how […]

The Strange Case Of Brandi Carlile

Bob, Speaking of what we know…what’s your take on Brandi Carlile and her awareness strategy? A year ago she was a "discovery" with big word of mouth following, and now she is everywhere. 2 weeks ago,  "The Story" was itunes free single of the week and then a week later ABC ran a "greatest moments" […]

Live Earth

What a crock of shit this is.  God, how can we save the earth when we can’t even save the MUSIC BUSINESS! Maybe you weren’t alive back in ’69, but let me tell you, the reason Woodstock was so appealing, why everybody was enticed, why it went from who cares to a must go was […]