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The Pretender

I’m going to be a happy idiotAnd struggle for the legal tender I don’t start early.  Nighttime is too exciting.  It’s when the phone and e-mail quiet down and the world is my own.  Obligations are history and I get to choose my course.  Winding down is almost impossible.  Do I want to surf the […]

Marketing Run Amok

I’m sick to fucking death of the marketing plans. That’s what’s wrong with the major labels today.  Fuck the product, that’s irrelevant, they’re more interested in how they’re going to SELL the product! Did you read that inane story about Epic’s band Cartel recording its new album in a huge transparent bubble on the Hudson, […]

The Storys-Cinnamon

We didn’t buy "Sweetheart Of The Rodeo".  By that time, the Byrds were done.  Our first exposure to country rock was Crosby, Stills & Nash.  Not that we knew that’s what they called it.  We just knew "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" sounded so GOOD! I remember being at my buddy Marc Goloff’s house when he […]

E-Mail Of The Day

And there’s this: Got the McCartney single last week and sort of liked it. Now that was a surprise since I’ve been of the opinion he was a glorified jingle writer since after "Band…" But this is what my PD and I were flamingly pissed about: just ten years ago we would have run it […]