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The Geffen Flap

Once again, David Geffen has eclipsed the fame of the talent he midwived into the public consciousness.  Maybe because he’s more of a rock star than all of the singers, songwriters, movie directors and screenwriters he’s given a helping hand to.  This guy made all the money himself, his way, and he’s beholden to no […]

Arriving Somewhere

I heard Badger on Deep Tracks last night. Now on their second album, they were fronted by Jackie Lomax.  I never got Lomax in his Apple days, but this album resonated.  But the group had already broken up by time the record came out. But I didn’t hear anything from "White Lady" last night, rather […]


Was the new Who album any good?  Maybe we should ask people.  But what was the name of it again?  Ever since we went to CDs, never mind iTunes and iPods, titles no longer stick.  It’s not like we’re studying the cover while we’re staring at the speakers.  Or maybe it’s just that there’s too […]

Bruce Lundvall

You can stop defending Bruce Lundvall.  God, the testimonials flowing in exceed the plaudits at a retirement dinner. And ain’t that just the point, retirement. OF COURSE Bruce Lundvall has great ears and a legendary track record.  But the point is, that’s no longer enough! Hell, MITCH MILLER was king, with a TV show, never […]