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Got A Rise Out Of Me

"Song For Sonny Liston"Mark Knopfler Maybe you know "Boom Like That", from Knopfler’s two year old "Shangri-La". I’m going to San Bernardino ring-a-ding-ding… If you listen to the songmeisters, the people who can’t play who are going to midwife your hit, they’ll tell you not to PERSONALIZE the song, don’t DATE it, make it about […]


Perception is that new music sucks. It’s time to stop labeling those who don’t like the wares offered old farts, or Luddites, and start to realize this is a serious problem. Music was king in the sixties and early seventies.  Music drove the culture.  But, disco ended that era, not MTV.  MTV was an exciting […]

My New Computer

I was going to buy it last summer. I don’t like to use a laptop as my main machine.  Don’t like the keyboard and trackpad, nor the usually underlit only viewable from one angle screen.  So, I only use my PowerBook on the road, or whilst on my bed, my everyday machine is my desktop, […]

What We’ve Learned

1. Nobody thinks it’s copyright infringement to sync music with video. Snowbird is cutting a tunnel from the Peruvian side to Mineral Basin.  In 2006, one expects documentation of ski resort expansion projects on the net.  But in the YouTube era, we even get VIDEO!  Of a steam shovel digging to the strains of BREAK […]