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The Major Label Game

It’s beginning to look a lot like Detroit.  Where claiming it was only giving the public what it wanted, GM drove itself to the brink of bankruptcy.  And Ford had to decide it was not going to be the Ford of yore, but a much smaller company.  Both entities failed by having no vision.  Believing […]

Cheney’s Got A Gun

Have you been following this youtube thing?  With NBC requesting the site pull all its videos?  How fucking stupid can you BE!  Video Clip Goes Viral "Lazy Sunday".  That’s what seems to be breaking SNL wide open after years of dormancy.  It’s just like a band.  You’re living in obscurity, and then the Net catches […]

KT Tunstall

How come we can’t break acts like this in the U.S? Sure, the U.K. gave us "American Idol".  But it also seems to give us the only acts focused on music, not fame. Now it’s not impossible for a musical act to be good-looking.  Talk to the truly beautiful.  They’re crippled by their looks.  They […]

Wolfgang’s Vault

Every once in a while, something lives up to the hype. Shit, those dudes could PLAY! Sure, listen for the Hendrix.  But be surprised by the Lighthouse cover of "Eight Miles High".  And even the Doobies’ "Black Water". But what made me write this now is Cream’s take on "NSU" from March 1968.  It’s FEROCIOUS!  […]