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It’s Like The News

People hate hip-hop like they hate Fox News. We’re used to a monoculture in music, a cohesiveness, a comprehensible landscape. But that’s all been shot to hell. But the usual suspects act like it hasn’t. Radio is the land of hip-hop and oldies, along with verticals that seem to exist in their own rarefied air, […]

Music Media Summit Update

I lied. It’s not gonna be at the Four Seasons. The reason you haven’t heard from me about the conference is because…the Four Seasons is closed because of the floods, they said they were going to reopen on April 1st, then they were noncommittal and now say they won’t be reopening until June 1st. So, […]

Neil Portnow Must Go

And he needs to be replaced by a woman. Neil’s been there over 15 years, longer than most record company execs whose behinds he so busily kisses. Instead, the Recording Academy continues to look backward, living in the past, just like the recording industry did for so many years confronted with digital disruption, isn’t it […]

The Quincy Jones Interview

In Conversation: Quincy Jones I don’t give a fuck. That’s what musicians used to say, they gave the man the middle finger, their fans kept them alive, and if they struggled they had the wine, the women, the dope and the song. Q argues there’s no song anymore. This is a train-wreck you can’t take […]