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Drake’s Playlist

He knows there’s no rulebook. Whilst wannabes record albums and record labels sell CDs and the newspapers print the inane “Billboard” chart, Drake decided to innovate. Ain’t that a concept, ain’t that what an artist is supposed to do. But don’t think you can extrapolate a trend from his behavior, don’t think you can follow […]

Chuck Berry

He was the father of rock and roll. Oh, don’t talk to me about Bill Haley. Boomers were barely conscious at the time “Rock Around The Clock” was a hit, if they were alive at all. And Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis were vastly influential, especially in the U.K., but the progenitor who pushed […]


CHALLENGE Getting attention. REWARD Barrier to entry nonexistent. CHALLENGE Getting publicity. REWARD Publicity is nearly irrelevant and the means of spreading the word are at your fingertips. CHALLENGE Making money. REWARD Successful artists are making more money in adjusted dollars than they ever were, just not as much as bankers or techies. Furthermore, there are […]

Arroyo Seco Weekend

Arroyo Seco Weekend I’d rather go to this than Desert Trip. As for Coachella, despite the press of it being America’s greatest festival, the truth is it’s a rite of passage for Southern California teenagers, where you put on your outfit and take selfies, they should rename it INSTAGRAMELLA, because it’s got little to do […]