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I’m not supposed to talk about it. Actually, I asked Martin Sorrell’s permission, actually SIR Martin Sorrell, and he said to run it by him first. Ain’t gonna do that. Actually, I deleted the e-mail the first time through. I’m invited to scores of conferences. I won’t go unless you pay me. Hell, you’re reading […]

United Masters

Can there be more than one Chance the Rapper? Major labels are good for radio and TV, but what if they’re not part of the equation? Chance made it online, without the help of the usual suspects, is this formula repeatable? That’s what Steve Stoute is gonna find out. Now let’s be clear, he’s not […]

Last Night At McCabe’s

Seems I’ve got to have a change of scene Joe Cocker hated Traffic’s version, but he was convinced “Feelin’ Alright” was a smash, if only Artie Butler could concoct an arrangement. They were eating hamburgers across the street from A&M, after a production meeting, and Joe implored Artie to take a chance. So Artie came […]

Quote of the Day

“‘All good inventions come from something personal,’ she said. ‘People create things because it’s personal.’” BINGO! Can you say Napster? Monday night I went to see Jade Bird at the Troubadour. Before that Daniel Glass held a party at the Polo Lounge. And this is where you excoriate me and him and I get it, […]