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The Inauguration

I couldn’t watch. People have been sending me notes all day, about Trump’s speech, about the few people in attendance. I lived through the election of Nixon. The sixties had brought so much positive change, we thought it was impossible to retreat. But the truth is, we didn’t. We’ve got gay marriage. For now, you […]

Howard Kaufman

He famously told a household name band he’d make them more money in two years than they had in the previous twenty. And then he did. Most people don’t know who he was. Because unlike those that followed him into the business, Howard was not about fame, he was about protecting the interests of his […]

Upstarts Rules

1. Solve a problem. The world does not need more me-too music, it needs a different sound that enraptures people. The problem we have in the music industry is we’re playing to niches, not everybody, and music when done right is for everybody, or almost everybody, there will always be naysayers. 2. Appeal to the […]

The Kenny Aronoff Book

He’s the drummer you always see on TV, with the bald head and the sunglasses, hitting ’em hard and having the time of his life, smiling all the while. Why did I read his book? Because he reached out and was so personable. That’s the essence of making it. Making the effort and continuing to […]