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The Sale Of Rolling Stone

“Rolling Stone, Once A Counterculture Bible, Will Be Put Up for Sale” And sooner or later Everybody’s kingdom must end “The King Must Die” Elton John That’s where I found out about Elton, “Rolling Stone,” but Elton soldiers on, “Rolling Stone” is headed for the dumper. Like “Men’s Journal,” sold to “The National Enquirer”‘s David […]

Hall and Oates & Tears For Fears At Staples Center

Shout, shout, let it all out The younger generation is oblivious to MTV. Back when it was still labeled “Music Television,” when it drove the culture, when everybody knew the hits and they were bigger than ever before, even than in the sixties. You see now there was only ONE radio station, and we were […]

Mediabase vs. Spotify

MEDIABASE TOP 40 #1 “Attention,” by Charlie Puth “Attention” is #33 on Spotify, with 569,897 daily plays and a cume of 401,425,057. The reason “Attention” is not higher on the Spotify chart is because it’s already peaked. The track was released on April 21, 2017. Not only have the tastemakers moved on, but the fans […]

Sam Smith At The Troubadour

I’m way too good at goodbyes They knew every word. And so did I. Music has become balkanized. There are rappers on Spotify and classic rockers at the shed and there’s no coherence. But maybe it’s coming. It started with Adele. Who sang singable songs about life and became the biggest act in the world. […]