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It’s based on facial recognition technology. Ticketing is broken, can anybody fix it? Will anybody fix it? That’s what Nathan Hubbard has set out to do, the man who used to run Ticketmaster, he’s raised double digit millions and… I first saw a demonstration last September, when it was in stealth. But now, since it’s […]

The Greatest Showman

This could be the biggest act in the world. I was clueless until my buddy Jeff Laufer hipped me to it, singling out the track “This Is Me,” an empowering anthem straight out of the “Fame” playbook, why is this phenomenon getting no ink, despite hiding in plain sight for six months, the flick having […]

Beyonce/Jay Z Album

Money or mindshare, that’s the question. In case you didn’t know, “Everything Is Love” is only available on Tidal, although a single is viewable on YouTube. Distribution is king, and Tidal ain’t got none. Now let’s go back to the last decade, when the issue was early release, theft of product. Boy have times changed. […]

Seymour Stein’s Book

Siren Song: My Life in Music He takes a swing at Mo Ostin, multiple swings, in fact. He who writes history owns it, will this sway people’s opinion of the Warner majordomo, does anybody care? That’s what struck me so much reading this book, so much is ancient history. The decimation of the Warner Music […]