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I am the only one fucked up about this? I was at a doctor’s appointment and when I got out my phone was blowing up. Put me in a bad mood, ruined my whole day. Death is final. What about this do young people not understand? I’m not sure what happened here. But I’m thinking […]

FOB & MMS Update

And if that’s not enough acronyms for you… FOB stands for “Festival of Books,” the annual L.A. “Times” conclave of authors and… This year podcasts. I am interviewing Moby for a live podcast this Saturday, April 21st, from noon to one in the Annenberg Auditorium at USC. Details here: LA Times Festival of Books 2018 […]

Martin Sorrell

It appears he’s irreplaceable. Reach a certain age and you know the people in the newspaper. Like Mr. Sorrell, who ran WPP, not that I could exactly tell you what WPP was before I went to their Stream conference in Ojai last November. Turns out WPP stands for “Wire and Plastic Products.” Sorrell took control […]


The institution is bigger than the acts. You can’t play Coachella every year, but you can go there. For decades, the touring business was talent based, but the burgeoning festival scene has turned that paradigm on its ear. When rock music started to break out with the Beatles the promoter made the lion’s share of […]