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Last Night In Sweden

“‘Last Night in Sweden’? Trump’s Remark Baffles a Nation” What else are we being told that is wrong? Especially that which is less important than national security. Kinda like Facebook reporting false numbers re advertising. I know you hate ads, and so do I, but Madison Avenue is up in arms. Because if you can’t […]


All anybody wants to talk about is Trump. I was out with a group of concert promoters and they’d all seen the buffoon on TV last night and were laughing and scared at the very same time. They knew all the players, the cabinet members, even Elizabeth Warren, and I know almost nothing about their […]

Bobby Freeman

Now they die and it doesn’t even make news, it’s barely a ripple on the radar screen, Bobby Freeman passed on January 23rd and it didn’t appear in the “New York Times” until yesterday, and the L.A. “Times” not at all. Is this the new normal, where progenitors of rock, part of our DNA, leave […]

Tom Petty At Musicares

It’s a clusterfuck. Where the nobodies take the dress code seriously and show up in monkey suits and the somebodies might wear sneakers like George Drakoulias and if you’re an insider it resembles nothing so much as a summer camp reunion, where you see everyone you know and catch up and the only problem is […]