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The Flying Tomato-Spoiler Alert!

“The thrill of victory… The agony of defeat.” That’s what we heard every Saturday afternoon, when Jim McKay took the mic for ninety minutes as ABC traveled the globe bringing us back footage of events both noteworthy and curious on “Wide World of Sports.” We looked forward to it. We knew the record for jumping […]

The Quincy Jones Interview

In Conversation: Quincy Jones I don’t give a fuck. That’s what musicians used to say, they gave the man the middle finger, their fans kept them alive, and if they struggled they had the wine, the women, the dope and the song. Q argues there’s no song anymore. This is a train-wreck you can’t take […]

No One Is Listening To These Women

I spoke at a conference in the Marina today, after I was done an old friend I hadn’t seen in nearly two decades came up to speak to me. She is a woman. That’s not that common in the music business. It’s a male-dominated construct, where there’s little upward mobility for women, they inhabit the […]

Re-JT at the Super Bowl

His performance has been universally panned by the press. I point you to: “The Washington Post”: “This Is How Justin Timberlake lost the Super Bowl” “The Los Angeles Times”: “Justin Timberlake had nothing to say at the Super Bowl and wouldn’t stop saying it” TMZ: “Justin Timberlake’s Halftime Show A Deaf-ing Disaster” So the question […]