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Michelle Wolf At The Correspondents Dinner

A woman speaks truth to power and… The right wing excoriates her and the left wing apologizes for her. THIS IS HOW WE GOT HERE! America can’t handle the truth, at least this is what the media believes, until a businessman becomes President by appealing to racists and misogynists and instead of analyzing his success, […]

A Pirate Looks At Forty

A Pirate Looks At Forty – Spotify One song can make a career. And it’s not “Margaritaville,” the anthem of good times, it’s “A Pirate Looks At Forty.” F. was from Tallahassee, back before hanging chads and FSU championship teams. Back then it was more like Georgia than Miami, probably still is, haven’t been there […]

Easy To Slip

Easy To Slip – Spotify Easy To Slip – YouTube Well I don’t want to drift forever In the shadow of you leaving me But I did, for a decade. I was overstimulated. Interacting at the Forum, talking on the phone, out to a dinner party, and after watching an episode of “The Americans” I […]

Don’t Bother Me

With The Beatles We had “Meet The Beatles!” before the band appeared on “Ed Sullivan.” The single of “She Loves You” on Swan backed with “I’ll Get You” too, actually we had that first. They called it “Beatlemania,” and it truly was. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” exploded out of transistors right after the […]