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I’ve got to drive from Vail to Telluride. And I’m becoming more frightened by the minute. I used to do long distances all the time, twelve hours at a clip, I just put a cassette in the deck and off I’d go. But that was a long time ago, before Sirius XM, do I upgrade […]

La Super-Rica

What about the people who are not trying to get rich? I spent the weekend in Carpinteria, California. Less than ninety minutes from L.A., it puts you in a completely different headspace. With tall mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, this middle class place reminds you of nothing so much as […]

Canadian Music Week

“Taking me higher than I’ve ever been before” I do what Gary Slaight says. In case you’re not aware of him, he’s a radio legend up north who sold his chain for a cool billion yet still retains his rock and roll identity, irreverent and fun. So that’s why I was there at the Radio […]

Never Say Never

Coke is in a tailspin, McDonald’s is dying, a star football player retires after one year of play, Apple offers twenty five TV channels for $30-$40 and SXSW is now a tech, not a music, festival. Dude, what happened to my country? If you’re expecting the past to come back, if you’re lamenting the loss […]