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My Colonoscopy

There was a female doctor and a male nurse. Oh, how far we’ve come. It’s been eight years. I know the new standard is ten, but my internist says seven, and last year I was recovering from my shoulder surgery so I slipped a year but now it was necessary. My internist went off insurance. […]

The New Paradigm

Sales are done. If you want to sell merch at your gig, your best item is vinyl, since it can’t be replicated digitally. People don’t need turntables to play it, many don’t play it at all. It’s a SOUVENIR! From now on think of physical items as souvenirs, not as music. We live in an […]

No Streaming Taylor

“Taylor Swift Will Keep New Album From Streaming For A Week” This is about perception. The goal is to get as big a sales number as possible and then tout this to the somnambulant media who will eat it up, printing the facts verbatim, about Taylor’s “success,” and hopefully the public will eat it up. […]

Coloured Rain

Coloured Rain – Spotify The second is my favorite. Traffic album, that is. I haven’t been able to get “Hey, Western Union Man” out of my brain, I keep singing the lyrics to myself, it’s great to be infected by a tune, and playing Al Kooper’s “I Stand Alone” album on my phone, I heard […]