Digital Covid Status Certificates for E.U. Travelers Go Live

What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where the countries of the European Union are more advanced than the United States?

One in which the citizens of the States have been fed the b.s. that’s it’s the greatest country in the world, advanced in all ways, nearly infallible, when that is patently untrue.

In case you missed the memo, and chances are if you lean towards the right side of the spectrum you have, democracy is in peril. That’s right, the basic building block, the underpinning of our American government. They said it couldn’t happen here and as we’ve rested on our laurels it’s occurring under our very eyes. You wonder how America sat by silently as Germany rounded up Jews and killed 6 million of them? Now you know. Go back to the news reports of yesteryear, it wasn’t like concentration camps were unknown, a big surprise, it’s just that America chose not to do anything about them and the country at large was shocked, positively shocked I tell you, when the gates fell and they saw what was inside.

We’ve gotten to the point in America where nothing can be done. Check out legislation in D.C. Mitch McConnell literally said his goal was to completely stop Biden’s agenda, just as it was during Obama’s tenure. Imagine if you were in a marriage and the other party said that it didn’t matter what you had to say, they weren’t going to change, their main goal being to wear you out so that when they regained power they could undercut you. How long do you think that marriage would last?

Welcome to the United States.

Where Covid is just a bad flu and if you think you’re immune you are. All those people who died? Well, we didn’t really land on the moon and if you want to know what is really going on listen to Q, because if you disagree with it it must be false, better to get your news from independent wankers whose only agenda is outrage.

So I guess you read that story about the Florida concert promoter:

“This concert ticket costs $18 — or $1,000 if you’re not vaccinated – The promoter says he’s offering a discount. The governor’s office says he’s violating Florida rules.”

That’s right, it’s against the law, AGAINST THE LAW, to ask someone to provide proof of vaccination in Florida. Because, well because…having papers reminds people of the concentration camps of yore? Well, you can’t drive without a license, and automobiles are deadly weapons, but soon you’ll be able to walk the streets of Texas with your gun proudly displayed without a license: Westerns passed with the middle of the last century, turns out most people don’t want to watch them, but we’re on the verge of going back to the wild west on the streets, it’s every man for himself in America today…literally! They don’t want you to have health insurance, they don’t want the government supporting you at all, despite your inability to make ends meet at your low-paying service job, as a matter of fact, your state doesn’t want to give you Medicaid money even when the federal government is footing the bill!

Is your head spinning yet?

Yes, all in the name of FREEDOM!

You’re hearing about the possibility of inflation. As if this is the number one concern of the rank and file. But the truth is the rank and file have been operating nearly underground for decades, their goal is just to survive, and therefore they drink and drug and are demonized by those raping them and the economy to get rich while the winners continue to pound their chests saying how brilliant they are.

We don’t even have a civilized society anymore. And god forbid you’re a minority, Black, Asian or Jew…it’s open season.

So the European Union stands up to the tech giants.

The European Union makes moves to prevent the collection of personal data by websites.

But in America, we’ve got Mark Zuckerberg crying that Tim Cook and Apple are stealing his lunch money. I only wish that would happen, as Facebook is a fount of inaccuracy, Facebook has been complicit in undermining democracy, but somehow it can’t be stopped, if anything more falsehoods should be able to be spread. Ron DeSantis of Florida is trying that too, passing a law that no one can be banned from social media.

If only everyone were vaccinated I could leave the house, live a normal life. But that can’t happen, because someone healthy might have to get jabbed, and you can’t invade anybody’s body, it’s their sacred temple… Let’s hear what they have to say when they get sick, they’ll cry for every drug and medical procedure known to man. Yes, they’re all crybabies under the skin. It’s all posturing. But the tail is wagging the dog, elected officials are afraid of alienating them, pissing them off.

So let me ask you, do you feel comfortable going to a concert with no checking of vaccination status? How about Metallica. How about the rest of hard rock, where so many rightward leaning fans attend? The virus knows no political bounds. Even worse, when you don’t get vaccinated you allow the further spread of variants, which are ever more transmissible, but don’t let science get in the way of feelings.

The social welfare state… I want you to canvass those living in the Scandinavian countries and find someone who is complaining, about free college, free health care and… If you traveled up north to Canada, you’d find the same thing re health care, I know, I’ve been there, but those protesting loudly never have. Yes, take a trip, see how it’s going in the rest of the world, you’ll be stunned how in many ways it’s better.

As for China… You may fear Tesla, but you really should fear all the Chinese electric car companies. You want your truck, you want gasoline, you think the government is unfairly subsidizing electric cars… Well, keep at it, and be sure that almost all the cars in America will soon be Chinese. China is not afraid of the future, afraid of moving forward. Then again, it’s an autocracy. Funny how in America people want authoritarianism to hold back the future, to preserve things just as they are, while the States fall ever further behind.

Give me one good argument why we should not require vaccine passports. You can’t.

Then again, you can’t allow truth, justice and the American Way to supersede your feelings that if you close your eyes, then click your heels, we can all go back to an era where whites dominated.

Can’t be done.

And it wasn’t so good back then to begin with.

Watch as the rest of the world pulls ahead of America.

Oh, you can’t, because the news source you pay attention to doesn’t feature these stories. And furthermore demonizes those which do.

Just because it wasn’t invented here that does not mean it’s not good, not better. America used to latch on to third party ideas, improve them and make them its own.

Now it just makes the sign of the cross and moves on.

Rust never sleeps. Keep your eyes open. The American way of life is disappearing as I write this, while those responsible for this keep telling us they’re all about maintaining the virtues of American life.


It’s “1984.”

Only it’s 2021.

We’re heading for the big crash. And it won’t be economic. What will it take for the rest of us to wake up and agitate like those on the right?

I thought it would be abortion, but now there are states where it’s essentially impossible for most people to get one and the left is not rioting in the street.

What is gonna make you realize you’re not immune?

When you gonna wake up?

Bob Dylan asked that question forty years ago, unfortunately too many people are falling further asleep, believing it’ll all pass, that it’s someone else’s job to right the wrongs.


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