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I can’t get this song out of my head. It’s very easy to ignore the Top Forty. It’s very easy to ignore all music. That’s what the business and inside fans don’t understand, that they’re in a bubble and what they live for, their passion, oftentimes doesn’t translate. I live for the Howard Stern show. […]

Please Don’t Go

Babe, I love you so I want you to know Did I tell you I went to Vail for the World Championships? That’s right, you think you know everything about my life, but that would be untrue. With a laptop and phone you can be anywhere, and the second week of February found me in […]

Life Happens While You’re Not Paying Attention

Kind of like the Supreme Court. You vote for some guy who says he’ll lower your taxes, but the truth is this President gets to appoint a Supreme Court justice who serves for life and when a case comes up long after the exec is gone, you find out that the court is tilted in […]

What I Learned On My Trip To Montana

1. Opportunities come from relationships. It’s who you know. And who you know doesn’t have to be the top dog. And the people you know today might climb the ladder tomorrow, or be gone just as quickly. Which is why your relationships must be varied and…you must continue to invest, meeting new people. Doesn’t matter […]