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Release Day Blues

Records are not movies. Not made for one weekend only. Music, when done right, is forever. And now that streaming services rule, the drop date, the release date, is just a moment in time. Everything will change. All the front-loaded publicity, all the inane coverage of the horse race, it’s irrelevant. Now it’s all about […]

Twitter Wilts

It’s all about the data. That’s right, the Benjamins still count, but they don’t tell the complete story. Twitter sells advertising, Wall Street is happy, but users are abandoning the service. How do I know? The number of Oscar tweets fell 47% this year, from 11.2 million to 5.9 million. The spinners will say the […]

The Croque Monsieur

My mother was a bad cook and I can barely make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Greetings from Snowbird, Utah where I endured a muscle cramp standing still and am still feeling the pain one day later. That’s right, I was minding my own business, luxuriating in the landscape, and I leaned back ever […]


You’ve got to believe in yourself. I’m gonna tell you one of my favorite Irving Azoff stories. So I’m in the bowels of the Hollywood Bowl, talking to John Baruck, Irving’s old fraternity brother from Illinois. And I’m getting history, I love history, for the story alone, never mind what you learn. So Irving goes […]