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The Stones At The Fonda

START ME UP You make a grown man cry Like the one out front, who offered four grand cash, so he could take his ten year old son to see the Stones. I saw the green. But today it’s all about experiences, not possessions, and there’s no amount of money that will prevent you from […]

Where We’re At

The means of production have come down in cost and we’re overwhelmed by the resulting productions. Everybody’s got a documentary, everybody’s got a track, and other than their relatives, no one’s got time to view or listen. Therefore, there’s a rush to talent and publicity and those excluded are disillusioned while the public is overwhelmed […]

Rock In Rio

It’s not about the talent, it’s about the EXPERIENCE! Especially if you want me to schlepp across this great nation of ours to overpay to attend your festival. In case you missed the memo, and seemingly everybody but those in the business did, Rock In Rio was a disaster. Garnering about half the attendance of […]


Did you listen to James Taylor on Howard Stern? Despite all the press about the drought, it actually rained in L.A. on Thursday and Friday. Which is really quite strange. This came a couple of weeks after summer weather. Even worse, rain is like snow in L.A. It loosens the oil in the highway and […]