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Why Things Don’t Last

1. Channel Overload Used to be there were 5,000 albums a year and only a few got on the radio and if you didn’t get airplay or press, you were doomed. Now there are a zillion products, all easily promoted online, and unless your friend verifies quality and interest or a track becomes a phenomenon, […]

Paying To Play The Super Bowl

NFL to Coldplay: Pay to Play the Super Bowl You’re surprised? This is what happens when nerds inherit the earth and “it’s just business” replaces the old saw “it’s only rock ‘n roll.” Name the three biggest tracks of last summer. It’s easy, like taking candy, from a baby! We’ve got “Get Lucky.” And “Blurred […]

Shake It Off

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off Is this progress? Once upon a time Taylor Swift became the biggest star in the world by testifying from the depths of her soul. And now she’s soulless. Shake it off? Isn’t this one step away from the rappers boasting how much better they are than us? I’d say […]


There’s a fiction that if I know about it, if I’m aware of it, everybody is. Furthermore, if for some reason you’re not, you’re an out of it nerd who’s got no knowledge of popular culture. But it don’t really happen that way at all. I keep receiving e-mail that Ferguson was featured in the […]