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Today’s World

1. Everybody has an opinion and they believe it’s entitled to be heard. 2. Everybody has an angle. Winners know this and try to ferret out the truth. The best way to get to the bottom of the story is to ask money questions. When someone says they do something that you don’t think is […]


It’s all about the pintxos. So I flew on an A380 from LAX. Whew! Have you been on one of these double-decker Airbuses? Considering its size, I figured it’d leave the ground inches from the end of the runway but this gigantic bird had amazing lift and then it was like flying in your living […]

It’s All About The Data

1. DIY is done. You need a partner who knows the game. 2. The game is trolling for fans on social media. Today it’s Facebook, Twitter gives few results, tomorrow it may be __________. 3. Established companies have ongoing relationships with Facebook and Spotify, all the data generators. And these entities share the data with […]


Do you feel manipulated? Excuse me for writing about Taylor Swift’s “1989,” but it’s all the press is talking about this week, and that saddens me. The way both traditional and so called new media outlets are reporting this nonstory as if it matters. Then again, we live in the land of Ebolamania, but at […]