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Aspen-What’s Happened So Far

ANDY Andy got hurt. Badly. It was the last run, but it’s always the last run when you get hurt, right? We were skiing Spar Gulch, which once upon a time was literally a “V,” but they flattened it out a few decades back and there was a bunch of sun and I’m skiing along […]

What We Learned This Year

Steve Barnett is a hero. He took Capitol from zero to the top of the heap. Shows what an individual can do. Sound may be lame on recordings, but it’s living large at the Forum, where a dedicated music space has touring acts and SoCal fans smiling. Talk about virality. Festivals are king. It’s still […]

Our Country

If it’s just about money, why bother being an artist? We have two worlds, the educated and the uneducated. Those willing to do the hard work and those who like to take it easy. And in today’s world, artists like to take it easy. Or else they’re all about the money. Witness Jeff Koons. Are […]

The Echo Chamber

I’m sick and fucking tired of all you musicians and musos who believe your viewpoint is the only one that counts, who live in a bubble of your own device, loyal to the past and mad at anybody who strays from your viewpoint. Furthermore, you just keep digging your hole deeper, especially with your hour […]