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Adele Sets Sales Record?

This is not a victory for the rank and file. The artists railing against streaming applaud Adele’s success after keeping “25” from Spotify, et al…they just don’t know it’s the last gasp of a dying paradigm and the birth of a new one. That’s right, you won’t see albums released in the fourth quarter for […]

The Doobie Brothers Documentary On Qello

Tech is evanescent. Music, when done right, is forever. Steve Jobs famously said he was creating tools, to enable the creations of others. Musicians are at the end of the line, they are the creators. Social media is about providing a service. You’re beholden to your customers, you follow them. Musicians walk into the wilderness […]

Jimmy Iovine On Women

“Jimmy Iovine: ‘Women Find It Very Difficult At Times To Find Music’” Wherein Jimmy Iovine has his Al Campanis moment. Tim Cook comes out and advocates for gender equality but his lieutenant sets back the cause of women to the Stone Age. Where’s Gloria Steinem when you need her? Or Naomi Klein, never mind Naomi […]

Adele Not Streaming

How the hell can we solve the world’s problems if the music business itself can’t do what’s right for the populace? Sixteen years after Napster, after living through P2P, track sales and now streaming, blind greed continues to reign in the music business. People do what’s right for themselves, never mind what’s good for the […]