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The Race To Quality

Has turned most musicians into hobbyists. I feel like I grew up in the dark ages. When getting a record deal was nearly impossible and if you did, especially if you were on Warner Brothers, you got reviews, airplay and consideration. In other words, we cared about novelty acts like Devo and the B-52s. They […]

Apple Music-Day Three

1. It’s about the money. Never lose sight of this. Apple Music will only be a success if ninety days in, a great proportion of those kicking the tires pay to subscribe. And this is doubtful. Because most people are cheap and the only way you can compete with free is to provide a service […]

Apple Music-First Impressions

This would be a rave, at least a qualified one, if it weren’t for those pesky interface issues. And if I have them, what about the punter Apple and the industry hope to get on board and pay? The service is much more comprehensible in iTunes. At nearly 4 PM, Apple pushed iTunes 12.2 to […]

Apple Music

Botched launch. Terminal? Probably not, but we expect so much of Apple. We had to listen to Jimmy and Drake testify, but no one focused on usability, no one told us how it actually worked, that would have been a better use of WWDC time, instead we got smoke and mirrors about a “revolutionary” product, […]