Re-Bill Maher

Thank you for calling out Bill Maher and his nonsense.  Over the years he has gone from modestly funny to an old man screaming at a cloud, ranting constantly about “wokeness” being the thing that will destroy our culture, while mostly giving the people who are actively trying to destroy democracy a pass.  Sure, some of those in the “woke” crowd can be obnoxious, but a few random whiners on Twitter are not the same as Ron DeSantis, a legitimate fascist who has no problem with using his power to harm others.  The two are not comparable, and I’m through both-sidesing this B.S.

Apparently, Bill has no problem both-sidesing it, because it’s good for ratings.  Maher is a smug, insufferable horse’s ass and a terrible interviewer; the only part of his show that is even remotely watchable anymore is his overtime segment where the guests do most of the talking.  And Maher is supposedly a liberal.  With friends like this, what the hell do we need the Republicans for?

Always love reading your stuff.

Wes R. Benash


Bill Maher can’t decide whether he’s a Clinton-era liberal (that despicable kind of Democrat that effectively lost the working class to the GOP, the “coastal elite”) or on the Joe Rogan-bandwagon.

Maher speaks with such pompous assurance that to your point he’s a uniquely dangerous pundit for mostly boomer-aged “moderate liberal” types, you know, the ones who thought Nancy Pelosi was a master legislator?

He also gets big stars on his podcast, and it’s truly remarkable how he’s so detached yet persistent in his everyday strong opinions. I don’t give a sh*t about being “politically incorrect.” I care about having pundits of influence on the left that actually care about meaningful policies, instead of battling the never-ending culture war and indulging in their own celebrity.

Dylan Muhlberg


As for Bill, he’s a dipsh*t.  Even on air he can’t help but be smug and self-congratulatory.  What a pompous douche.  Back in the 90’s I was at a private gathering at Arianna Huffington’s house which had a quite the guest bathroom, with stalls.  I stood next to him at one of the sinks washing up and asked him a forgotten question pertinent to a politico event.  He didn’t look at me or make a sound, as if he was alone, and then headed to the door.  That says it all.

John Brodey


When I lived in NYC, when the elevator opened, Bill Maher was on it. I told him how much I admired him and had recently enjoyed his appearance on some cooking show.  He basically told me to F*ck Off and don’t bother him.

Bill Berger


I appreciate your candor re: the covid years, which are of course still raging.  They ‘were’ traumatic for my family and we were ultra careful throughout.  That doesn’t always work, we found out.   It was some frightening sh*t, especially early on when nobody knew what they were dealing with and half the country was in denial.  It cost em, too! Motherf*ckers died along with their conspiracy theories and  “Jesus Saves”cards.  I don’t miss em.  I don’t care.  Idiots roasting in hell with Ronald Reagan.

Maher comes across as a self entitled knowitall asshole.  Maybe he always did.  I haven’t always thought that.  Something changed.  Maybe me. Jesus. He gets so high while doing his podcast that his guests don’t get to talk.  I only listened to a few minutes of one, tho, and he wouldn’t shut up and it was annoying so, whateverthef*ck……I’m not necessarily qualified to critique.

Bill Nelson


Gave up watching Bill Maher a few years ago.  His ego doesn’t let anyone else get a word in – they’re merely his chorus.  Compare him to Howard Stern, whose ego is even bigger, yet in all his recent interviews, I’ve learned something from his guests, even when I’m not a fan. I was riveted to everything Gene Simmons had to say last week and who isn’t sick of hearing from him?!   Gene kept trying to open the topic of Wokism but Stern didn’t bite. Instead we hear Gene admit what a dick he was all those years – the irony of Gene becoming woke about Gene was amazing.



Nothing a liberal hates more than a leftist who is willing to challenge parts of leftist ideology. He made a point and it appears you missed it – which is that left-leaning and mainstream media outlets are not just hesitant but almost refuse to acknowledge any science or findings that stray from the leftist orthodoxy – and I say this a Biden voter and someone who hasn’t voted for a republican for a statewide or national office since the 90’s. His point is 100% valid – why haven’t news organizations publicized the study? Or the ones showing that there is a very real argument that the isolation of children during the pandemic was as bad for their health as the risk presented by covid? Look, I think most gov’t entities and public health bureaucracies did their best with what they knew and had at their disposal at the time. Science isn’t perfect. But the only way to improve responses and outcomes next time something like this happens is to take a very critical look and analysis at what worked, what didn’t and what lays somewhere in between.

Craig Davis


On the money about Bill Maher and his Covid baloney. Yes, natural immunity is as effective as vaccine. And natural immunity is so easy, just accept whatever number of millions need to die so we can have it! And Russell Brand! What a rude, stupid jerk he was on Maher’s  show. He even (inadvertently) made Bill admit there was a need for vaccine, and BTW, Affordable Health Care, but Russell’s main concern was keeping everyone but him from talking.


Joseph Henderson

Yonkers NY


Why make fun of Bill’s hair?

Thank you,

George James Ghiz

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