From: James Spencer

Subject: Re: Ticket Prices-This Week On SiriusXM

If I had Sirius, I’d SO listen to this!

I do have some tips on how to shop for the “cutout” tickets in the bargain bin..Maybe you can share these with your audience..

I should note that I’m in the Vegas market, which may not be representative of the ecosystem at large..

(1) National Concert Week..

Log on at the opening bell, 7:00 AM, PT

$25 Tix, for many shows..Not exactly front row, but, hey..I logged on a few hours late this year, but seats were still available..

Doobies, Black Keys, Imagine Dragons, Rise Against, John Legend, Randy Rainbow, and many more..

 (2) Sign up for emails..AEG Presents, Live Nation, AXS, Ticketmaster,etc..Ditto, “like” the pages of the above companies on your “socials”..Also, like the pages of any venues you enjoy frequenting..You’ll also be privy to pre-sales and discounts..

(3) Peruse the Ticketmaster and AXS apps..Sometimes TM will offer a blanket %25, or more, discount..(Usually the final week of a residency.) Also a great way to know what shows are coming..

(4) Peruse the AARP app..The Doobies did a 25% off sale on ALL Vegas dates, before their run..Totally worth the $12 to join!

(5) Craigslist..It’s been very scammy lately, so beware..I’d recommend meeting at the venue..You DO get an accurate reading of what a ticket is worth on this site, for a frame of reference..

(6) Look into House Seats..You play a flat fee, and get last minute free show tickets, from undersold shows..Not always concerts, but could be worthwhile..

(7) Groupon..The almighty algorithm knows I’m shopping for events, so my “ad experience” showed me some amazing deals on concert tickets on Groupon..Nothing in MY market, yet, but definitely something to keep an eye on..Could be a godsend in other regions..

 (8) Showing up..Yeah, IRL..Like, AT the venue..Old school, right?

But it CAN work when all other avenues have failed..Of course, if ya’ DON’T get in, the heartache is even worse..

Here’s some recent examples..

An email from AEG Presents Las Vegas

Resorts World is “celebrating” it’s first year, and offering 2 for $100 on (slow time of the year) shows..

Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Journey + orchestra, Enrique Iglesias, David Blaine..

Another email from them..

Summer holiday sale..Encore theater (Wynn)

and Virgin theater (former Hard Rock, Virgin Casino) While supplies last..(Enter code HOLIDAY)

$50-  Lionel Richie, Jim Gaffigan, Maxwell, Chris Tucker, David Gray, 3rd Eye Blind, Papa Roach, Leon Bridges, and more

2 for $50  -The Shins, Corrine Bailey Ray, Demitri Martin, the Night sweats, Deon Cole, Sal Vulcano, 80s review package show, etc..

Not too shabby! The deals are THERE, if you’re willing to do a little coupon cutting..

Somebody’s losing money here, but it ain’t ME!


Subject: Re: Grosses

This is an amazing twitter account: 

Thought you would enjoy.


From: Steve Bruns

Subject: Re: Get It Right Next Time

I’m sure you know this one, but I think it pre-dates “Baker Street”.  Would love to hear your take!

“Half a Heart”:


From: Marty Bender

Subject: Re: It Don’t Matter To Me

After working in an independent record store, as well as both Peaches and Tower Sunset…

I ended up researching and doing the Top 200 Album chart for Cashbox.

In the 70’s, it was all done manually using only record store and one-stop “sales” reports.


The reports we received were almost entirely made up of new or recent releases.

Thus the chart reflected that.

(BTW: “Dark Side of the Moon” basically stayed on because we just sorta kept it there)

One day I convinced Cashbox management to let me take a crack at compiling a one-time catalogue LP chart. In addition to their regular sales report—

I asked all the main record stores in America to carefully keep track of the best-selling older/classic albums…

I also requested they include titles that seemed to consistently sell well…as well as constantly sell out.

It was a fascinating list.

The winner?

The number one?

“The Best of Bread”

Marty Bender


From: ray yslas

Subject: Re: Mailbag

Date: June 21, 2022 at 2:13:09 PM PDT

Hi Bob,

This is Ray with the band Chicago, I play percussion, I got to say it was a thrill and honor to sing Happy Birthday to Brian yesterday backstage, a once in a lifetime for me.

Happy to see BW and the gang kill it every night on our tour. Hope you can see a show..



Subject: RE: Brian Wilson 80th Birthday Playlist

Date: June 23, 2022 at 2:34:12 PM PDT

Hi Bob,

Thank you for “Brian’s Playlist,” and the “Brian Wilson Movie.”

I just finished playing and singing through Brian’s actual current playlist with him over FaceTime from our studio here in Los Angeles to his hotel room in Dallas. A day off on his tour. He still wanted to work with my husband Seth Riggs and myself, like we do. Seth and I work with Brian on his voice and vocals. Today we vocalized him down to F below low C and up to D above high C in a connected, mixed voice through the whole range. It’s more than 2 1/2 octaves. And we did twenty-four songs in our hour together. He sings all of them. I sing harmony – sometimes lead if he sings harmony (Surfer Girl and In My Room.) I play the piano. We do a couple of extra songs that he especially likes that happens to not be in the concert.

This week we did the same Monday, on his 80th birthday, to his hotel room in Kansas City, before he went to sound check and later to do his concert,  and Tuesday when he was in Arkansa we did the same. Yesterday was travel. Tomorrow and Saturday we will be at it again, before he takes off for Florida on Sunday.

Brian has challenges – but unlike most people, he doesn’t let that stop him. It’s not even on his mind. He wants to keep going, and with help he does. I feel we all have a lot to learn from Brian Wilson. He is a true inspiration in many ways. He still brings about optimism and hope not just through his music and the way he communicates complexities in a simple, direct way that hits you like when he sings “Love and Mercy,” but through his being. I feel blessed to work with him. Often through a session he says: “Thank you, Margareta.” I say: “Thank you, Brian.”

Margareta Svensson Riggs

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