“The trans Twitch star delivering news to a legion of LGBTQ teens – Known online as Keffals, Clara Sorrenti’s streams are one of the few spaces in media where people can hear the news from a trans person”:

This is what I’m talking about.

The above article is not behind a paywall, and you should read it, to understand how one spreads information today.

And for those who are squeamish, who can’t handle the truth, I advise you read it anyway, for this is the essence of promoting music in the twenty first century too.

You don’t go from the top down, but from the bottom up. Your goal isn’t to try and reach everybody, but to reach somebody, to gain traction. What did Bruce Springsteen sing, “You can’ start a fire without a spark”?

This story was reported by Taylor Lorenz in the “Washington Post.” Lorenz used to write for the “New York Times,” but the traditional reporters couldn’t handle her. Oh, it was a bit more complicated than that, Lorenz’s behavior brought up questions, but in truth those who’d dedicated themselves to being part of the system, reporters focused on the “big issues,” were upset that Lorenz was focused on social media, that’s not important, right? And Lorenz became part of the story to boot, which is a no-no. Why? This is why traditional media is on the road to irrelevance, the adherence to precepts that no longer work today.

So what we’ve got here is a single individual who decided upon their own inspiration to take up the cause, in this case amplification of trans issues. Furthermore, she wasn’t pulling punches, worried about response, worried about blowback, she just let it fly!

And, unlike the whiners, she realized that the more people commenting on her work, blowing back, the wider its reach, the more impact it was having. She was not posting just for attention, pushing buttons for the sake of it, but in truth, especially when it comes to politics, they’re all hot button issues. Have you got the inner strength to participate?

So what Keffals has done is employ the Just Chatting feature of Twitch to speak about issues. Oh, she started off just showing herself playing videogames, but Greg Abbott’s trans shenanigans motivated her to stand up.

She’s now got a business, 3,000 people a month pay $4.99 to support her work on Twitch. She’s making bank on Patreon too.

And she has an impact, she made it to the top of r/Conservative.

“When a tweet by Sorrenti attacking conservatives made it to the top of r/Conservative, a subreddit with nearly 1 million members, she leaned into the controversy. ‘Come watch conservative cringe with the only Twitch streamer currently on the front page of r/Conservative,’ she implored her fans. She later released a YouTube video titled ‘I got to the top of r/Conservative.'”

Keffals got into the den if inequity, you can’t penetrate Fox News with the truth but you can reach its acolytes online.

“Her scrapes with right-wing personalities happen largely on Twitter, where Sorrenti leverages one of the platform’s most reliable weapons — the ratio. A tweet becomes ‘ratio’d’ when the replies vastly outnumber the number of likes or retweets, a signal to onlookers that the original post was contentious or wrong. Sorrenti has become known among her audience as the ‘ratio queen,’ a tactic that shows the power of her fan base.

“‘I don’t think civility politics works when I’m engaging with people who don’t even view me as human,” she said.'”

You can watch MSNBC, speak to the already converted, but you’re accomplishing nothing. You’ve got to go where the haters are.

Also, Keffals is unafraid of speaking the truth, even when it’s a negative jab at her theoretical team. She tweeted that she hated liberals, and also tweeted “centrism is a disease.”

We keep hearing from the old farts that the only way to succeed is to move to the center. I wished that worked. But that’s where Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden live. Oh, forget the endless tarring of Biden as being beholden to the woke left, he was elected to beat Trump and calm the waters and what is the end result? We’re gonna end up with a Republican Congress and Ron DeSantis as our next president. If you don’t run someone who people can believe in, you ultimately lose.

I know, I know, the establishment will say young people don’t vote. Well, young people are getting older each and every day, becoming old people.

This is what the Democrats need. Someone with a profile, who will fight.

But when you get to the end of this article you will realize that Keffals’s impact is not really that great. She only has 105.2k followers on Twitter.

I tweet once in a blue moon, and I’ve got 66,684.

But Keffals garnered her number recently, which is a lot harder. That’s what many don’t understand, it’s much harder to put up numbers than it was ten years ago, there’s just too much in the channel.

But this is not a put-down of Keffals, it’s just an illustration that the paradigm works and we need more Keffals. It’s about an army, not one superstar. Hell, didn’t Elon Musk post that most of the bigwigs on Twitter, the celebrities, rarely post, if at all?

As for denigrating Twitter… You may not go there, but it’s where all the thinkers and tastemakers go. That’s where issues rise and are hashed out and by time you read about them in the straight media they’re oftentimes already old news on the cutting edge, where the sausage is being made, hashed out over a zillion tweets.

This is the reality of today. A reality that anybody who earned their stripes in the old era, employing the old model, pooh-poohs, because they don’t understand it and it’s so much harder to get a grip on it anyway. It’s not just the wilderness, it’s a jungle. But this is where the people are today. You can be paid seven figures on cable but your influence keeps getting smaller. People get their news, their ideas, online. And they want to express themselves. That’s what’s wrong with so much of traditional media, it talks down to people and doesn’t let them participate. It’s a rare article in the “New York Times” that allows comments, whereas on the “Washington Post” they’re ubiquitous, you can weigh in on almost anything. And you should read some of the comments, to get the temperature of the public. Oh, it’s a skewed view, BUT EVERYTHING IS THESE DAYS! You can’t get your information from one source, you’ve got to explore and come up with conclusions yourself. This is the flaw in the educational system, teaching to the test, people don’t know how to THINK, ANALYZE, and that’s the most important skill you should acquire in school.

This is all happening right now. It’s not the future. Online is where information is spread.

You reach so many more people online than you do physically.

What we need are more Keffals.

Want to change the world?


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