Re-Paul Anka Podcast

I’ve never done this before, but feedback has been so positive I wanted to give you a heads-up in case you thought you weren’t interested and didn’t listen: 

Bob-Of all your podcasts,that wasn’t in the top 10 best —It was the ENTIRE TOP 10. Finally, a non-druggie, non-whiner, intelligent, articulate, truthful, singer/songwriter, musician.

I learned a lot.

Thank You!

That was one of the most entertaining interviews ever! Paul Anka’s heyday was well before my time, and I assumed if he were still alive (I didn’t even know!) he’d be a stodgy “These kids today…” kind of guy, but he was nothing like that! Instead he was open-minded and hip to what’s happening now AND he knew the Beatles and Buddy Holly!

On the one to ten scale that was a twelve.

Fantastic. I have a whole new level of respect and perspective on him.

this was a great interview Bob. $10 to $15 mill of the tonight show …. UNREAL

Paul Anka is an incredibly successful songwriter from mostly well before my (and your time), but you’ll know the songs he wrote (including Sinatra’s “My Way”). Here’s a fantastic new podcast with him– great stories & talk about the songwriting process:

Wow, who knew mister Having My Baby would be so interesting. Your best podcast since Bob Ezrin


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