Deezer Hi-Def On Sonos


I can see you in the morning when you go to school

“Crime Of The Century.” That’s the album we used to take to the stereo store, to demo the products, to decide what we wanted to buy, that’s what I’m listening to right now on Sonos via Deezer Elite.

Actually, there’s that sound in “Bloody Well Right,” it’s why I bought my Nakamichi 582, because it replicated it perfectly, in a way the even more expensive, top-of-the-line, Aiwa could not.

The regular album was not enough, despite the exquisite Ken Scott sound what you really needed was the half-speed mastered edition. Yes, our goal was to get pristine sound from the systems we paid thousands for.

So you think your schooling’s phony

Yes, once upon a time our favorites questioned authority, they just didn’t lay down in the corporate trough. That’s what’s so great about “Crime Of The Century,” despite sounding so mellifluous, hooking us immediately, the message was just as strong…that the system made you an automaton and you had to be awake and aware and find your own path.

Via music, it was the only way.

Well, there was Kurt Vonnegut too, the Dead did call their publishing company Ice Nine, but the way our ears were opened was primarily via music. How far we’ve come, when today’s students just want to march in line through the Ivy League into the bank. Sure, there are some techies pushing the envelope, but isn’t it interesting so many dropped out of college.

Just like the musicians of yore, they didn’t fit in, college was not in their path.

Anyway, in a week where Thom Yorke is trying to reinvent the past, the future is here.

That’s right, there’s no longer a need to take the long way home. You don’t have to buy files and put ’em in the Pono player that you still cannot buy, rather you can sign up to Deezer Elite via your Sonos system and live in the future RIGHT NOW!

So you think you’re a Romeo
Playing a part in a picture show

Yes, you want to take the metaphorical long way home, the one wherein you crank up the music and set your mind free, letting the tunes wash right over you.

That’s right, Supertramp eventually had some hits. And managed to do this without completely changing their sound and selling out.

So, maybe you don’t have a Sonos system. You can buy one for a song these days, I don’t need to do a commercial, either it’s on your radar or you’re so busy buying vinyl or refusing to pay at all that you can’t partake of the modern world.

And, if you’ve got Sonos, fire up the app on your phone and go to “Add Music Services” and slide down to Deezer, the first 30 days are free, check it out.

That’s right, the future is here. While you’re complaining about Spotify payments, trying to jet us back to a substandard past, we’re living in a fully-formed future.

Isn’t this what we were waiting for? All the music at our fingertips at one low price? And now it sounds just as good as what came out of the speakers before MP3s gave everybody a downgrade.

And Neil Young’s agitation had nothing to do with it, all those musicians bitching, yup, you had to leave the future to the techies, because they are the only ones who can deliver it. And we might go through fits and starts to get there, but now we’ve arrived.

Ditch those crappy speakers. Get ready to spend to hear the sound. Because you want to get closer. Because after all your complaining we’ve finally hit the HD era in music, AND IT SOUNDS SO GOOD!

Deezer Elite

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