E-Mail Of The Day

From: webmaster@ahmettribute.com
Sent: 14 September 2007 19:18
To: Martin Birch
Subject: Ahmet Tribute Tickets

Dear Martin Birch,

Thank you for registering for Ahmet Tribute tickets.

If successful you will be contacted by email by the 1st October and will be given information on how to purchase at this time.

For all other information please see FAQ’s provided on our website www.ahmettribute.com.

Thank you


Dear Webmaster at ‘ahmet tribute’

When you launched the email ballot for Led Zeppelin tickets, was it your intention to use the email addresses you collected (20m+ ?) to market unrelated product, e.g. a (quite good by the way) CD by R Plant and A Krauss?

Not good form – please remove my email address from your database,

M Birch


From: Martin Birch
Sent: 28 October 2007 10:16
To: Bob Lefsetz
Subject: RE: Ahmet Tribute Tickets JUNK MAIL

Yes. Like 20m others I entered the ballot for LZ tickets at O2 arena London under the banner of ‘Ahmet Tribute’, i.e. a charity of sorts.


Two days ago I received an email from noreply@ahmettribute.com with information about Plant and Krauss CD.

It pissed me off but I now realise I didn’t read the small print under

"We may use the Registration Information from time to time to offer you services and products related to the event or artists involved with the event on the 26th November 2007. To offer you such third party services we may email you at the email address… etc"

But I still don’t think this reflects well on LZ or the late Ahmet Ertegun, especially as c20m people were always gonna be disappointed and now they’re about to bombarded with offshoot marketing mail!

Un-cool IMO

M Birch


From: Martin Birch
Subject: FW: Ahmet Tribute Tickets JUNK MAIL
Date: October 28, 2007 5:06:22 AM PDT
To: bob@lefsetz.com

Just a thought…perhaps Led Zeppelin, the biggest name in all of rock who haven’t toured in decades, are coming with a new album/tour next year but they don’t know who or where their fans are, and more to the point, their email addresses. They need to get with the new medium. A quick one off gig with an email ballot for tickets has landed them with the biggest prize of all, a 20m+ database to market downloads to. Am I being over-cynical? The fact that they alluded to ‘services and products’ under the Privacy clause shows that someone was thinking along these lines.

That’s all.

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