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This is the new era.  Communication is TWO-WAY!  If you don’t listen to your customers/fan base you’re going to create ill will.  Like…THE MAJOR LABELS!

Don’t make your customers/fans your ENEMY!  Make them believe they’re in it WITH YOU!  This is why Andy Lack and Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and every exec spouting how people are ripping off the music has got it wrong.  It’s not about THEFT, it’s about not delivering what people want how they want it.

Read the CD reviews in the "New York Times".  They’re almost all indie records.  In the NEW YORK TIMES!  This is what six plus years of major label backlash has wrought.  Instead of finding new ways to own the vast majority of the marketplace, they’ve started ceding vast swaths of the market to upstarts, who DO care about their fan base.

Apple’s iTunes MiniStore now asks for permission before operating

Or, direct link to story:

Apple should have asked FIRST!  Should have notified FIRST!

But, at least within a short period of time, having fielded the public outcry, they changed course.  As opposed to Sony BMG going on for weeks how only a few CDs could fuck up your computer and they had a fix and it really wasn’t that bad when it turned out that a vast number of CDs, featuring BOTH kinds of copy protection, fucked up your computer and the fix didn’t work!

Let this be a lesson.  In this sunshine going into all nooks and crannies Internet world, ASK!  The truth is going to out soon anyway.

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