Depositors Rescued

“US regulators bail out SVB customers, who can access all their money Monday”:

This is why people have no faith in the government.

This is why Trump got elected. The rank and file were pissed, and they wanted to upset the apple cart. Meanwhile, the GOP brass has ceded the entire party to Trump to its detriment, proving that nobody is home, at least nobody with balls.

The bottom line is nobody ever pays a price. Nobody ever goes to jail. You might be caught with a small amount of dope and go to prison, but you were represented by an overworked public defender who doesn’t really care about you, never mind your outcome. They probably advise you to plead, so they have less work. This is how innocent people end up in jail. They’re told if they lose at trial the penalty could be much worse, is it worth the risk? Better to do a couple of years. Meanwhile, everybody with money gets a high-priced lawyer and gets off with probation. Fair I ask you?

Fox News is caught with its pants down and never mind that its audience is unaware of what has come out in discovery in the Dominion suit, they’re much more worried about their pocketbook. Who is going to make depositors whole? THEM!

Which is why they hate the coastal elites.

I am a coastal elite, but I’m not rich and powerful like these fat cats, I’m not bending the rules, breaking the law, I hate the people at the top too!

Timothy Geithner saved his cronies, his brethren didn’t go to jail. Sure, the economy was saved, but how come no one who blew it up paid a price?

Have we completely forgotten about 2008? Is it that long ago that no one remembers? I certainly do. The bankers blew up the economy. So Congress made some rules to prevent this from happening again and…

The execs at Silicon Valley Bank lobbied to get rid of them, and they succeeded!

It’s not like these people were unaware of the situation, that’s why they sold stock before the implosion. Now the government is agitating to get the money back, but that’s not good enough, for me or most of America, put these suckers in JAIL! That’s a deterrent. If jail is in the offing, you might think twice before breaking the law. It’s not like these guys, and it’s almost always guys, are uneducated nincompoops. No, they went to the best schools and they’re educated up the yin-yang. But they know that life is all about relationships, and government is a revolving door, and the Congresspeople of today are going to need jobs in the future so… Don’t expect the elected officials to be hardas*es.

George Carlin said you can vote, do so if it makes you feel good, but it doesn’t matter, the owners of this country won’t allow you a voice.

No, don’t speak truth to me. I know, I know, the government had to make depositors whole in order to prevent runs on further banks.

And yes, I know that by raising the interest rates these banks ended up holding long term assets at low rates.

But isn’t this the job of the execs running the banks, to foresee this?

I’m bad at my job and I get fired. These guys are bad and they get rescued by the government, and I pay for it.

And sure, you have the yahoos down south messing with our cultural soul, passing laws banning books, never mind abortions. But really, it all comes down to money, and Silicon Valley, so many of these entrepreneurs, are dyed-in-the-wool blue. Hell, Sam Bankman-Fried was quite the philanthropist, the left wing people who took his money didn’t ask any questions, didn’t do any vetting. I mean the guy made his money in crypto, doesn’t that raise a red flag? Never mind the outright fraud that was ultimately revealed. No, if you’ve got money, we’ll take it!

Like all those guys who received the benefit of Jeffrey Epstein’s largesse. Private jet whores, who seem to have forgotten that abusing young women crosses the line. Yup, they’re so powerful they think they can get away with anything. Even worse, they usually do!

How about Jenna Ellis, the lawyer who…

“Jenna Ellis, a lawyer who represented President Donald J. Trump after his loss in the 2020 election, admitted in a sworn statement released on Wednesday that she had knowingly misrepresented the facts in several of her public claims that widespread voting fraud led to Mr. Trump’s defeat.”:

She was censured. Boo-hoo. She needed to be DISBARRED! Lose her license. She’s an officer of the court. I’m a lawyer, I know there are penalties for unethical behavior. At least in the constantly derided California.

And then there’s Tom Girardi, who gave a million bucks to the guy investigating him.

Getting the theme here? There are no guardrails for the rich and powerful. But for you??

You don’t have the money and the relationships and they don’t want you to. The average person has no idea that almost all elite universities are need-blind, if you apply and get in, the institution pays the freight if you come from a poor family. This could be promoted all over the country, so those smart kids living in backwaters could lift themselves up. But the elite don’t want you to know this! Because if you get in, then maybe their kid won’t.

It’s like getting an elite MBA. Forget what you learn, it’s primarily about relationships. The average person is starting off with their hands tied behind their back. And told to be afraid of breaking the law, when the elites run around willy-nilly.

And it’s not like the educated elite are on career paths to give back.

As per the “New Yorker”: 

“According to the Harvard Crimson, which conducts an annual survey, more than sixty per cent of the members of the class of 2020 planning to enter the workforce were going into tech, finance, or consulting.”:

No, they want to be risk-free, they want to ensure they don’t fall down the economic ladder and have to live with the rest of us.

Makes you angry, doesn’t it? The rich elites act with impunity and…

So when someone tells you they can get back at these people, you’re all ears.

As for the Democrats, they keep telling us it’s a big tent and we should wait our turn. When really they want the fat cats’ money, never mind the perks of knowing them.

This is how it works. Hang on the yacht, the jet…you cannot say anything negative about these people ever. Or do so once and you’ll be ostracized. Not only by them, but everybody they know. It’s the code.

And in truth, as you move up the economic ladder almost everybody becomes compromised. They owe favors. That’s how they got their position!

Artists used to be excluded from this b.s. But now they’re part of the combine. Assuming you want to call them “artists.” Everybody wants in and you’re left out. You don’t even see an opening. You’re working hard and you can’t make it on your income, because the BUSINESS OWNERS can’t give you a good wage or…

Vail Resorts raised everybody up to $20 an hour, primarily because they had trouble getting workers, and the recent quarterly report? Net income was $208.7 million as opposed to last year’s $223.4 million. But conditions were piss-poor in the east and Europe. And in any event, isn’t it worth $14.7 million to pay people a living wage?

But these same powers-that-be have told you not to trust facts, not to trust major news outlets. So everybody is full of sh*t. 

Hell, I’ll really throw a spanner in the works.

So everybody’s now saying Covid came from a lab, because the Energy Department said so with “low confidence.” That was in the news report, all of the news reports, the “low confidence” element. But most people just heard the headline. But the guy who wrote this piece in today’s L.A. “Times” is an expert. At the core of the story. You should read this article, but you won’t.

“Opinion: I called for more research on the COVID ‘lab leak theory.’ Here’s what I found out”:

This guy Michael Worobey, “a professor and the head of the department of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona,” makes a strong case it wasn’t leaked from a lab. He’s open to facts saying otherwise, but they’ve yet to arise. But academia is left wing tripe, better to believe your next door neighbor.

Meanwhile, the educated elite, especially the rich and powerful elite, are laughing all the while. They’ve got you exactly where they want you. Uneducated and uninformed.

It’s a game. And you don’t have a piece, never mind having no idea where the board is. So you can’t play.

You’re gonna pay to make all these depositors whole. And I get it, most of them, if not all of them, did nothing illegal. But the people running the bank…

Expect to see them on the Riviera. But you won’t know who they are. Because the truly rich are smarter than entertainers, they keep their names out of the news, you have no idea who they are. But they’re winning and you’re not.

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