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“Jack Antonoff talks concert ticketing issues: ‘it’s not ’cause of artists'”: https://bit.ly/3Yfgpmf


From: Harvey Goldsmith

Subject: Jack Antonoff’s comment at The Grammys

I read Jack Antonoff’s comment about ticketing issues, made at The Grammys over the weekend

“it’s not ‘cause of Artists” he says.

How wrong he is.

The Artists, through their representatives, totally control every aspect of Live Touring. From what is on stage, backstage and indeed the ticket price.

Promoters may recommend ticket prices, but the Artist always makes the final decision.

Ticketing Companies will suggest a whole tariff of ways to fleece the fans.

However the Artist always has the final say.

Those Artists that always blame everyone else are the same ones that sanction the problem.

It is totally in the Artist’s remit to say whether ticket prices should be “as printed” on the ticket or not.

The Promoter can negotiate the Ticket Commission, but often the artist will demand its share if there are surplus profits.

The exception being if the Promoter has its own separate deal with the Ticketing Company.

At the end of the day only the Artists can stop the madness that besets us.

Some already do, but not nearly enough.

Harvey Goldsmith

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