Walker & Trump

The Republicans have the Democrats exactly where they want them. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

Every day there’s another faux pas by Trump and Walker in the news. Sometimes criminal behavior. There’s a belief that if we just add enough data, people’s minds will be changed. THIS IS A FICTION!

Let’s start with the vaunted “independent” voter. They’re almost nonexistent. Frequently, they’re Republicans afraid of admitting they voted for or will vote for Trump. And they’ll go haywire when I say this, but ask them the last time they voted for a Democrat. They say they might, BUT THEY NEVER DO!

And it’s not only me. Thom Hartmann feels the same way. Because we both interact with these people each and every day. Whereas most people are so deep in their camps that they believe they’ve got a handle on what is going on when in truth, THEY’VE GOT NO CLUE!

Also, please remember, it’s not the media’s responsibility to take up the cause and enact change. Yes, the right does, with Fox News and the “New York Post,” but on the left, the NYT and the WaPo, they’re just reporting the facts. Sure, on the opinion pages writers might take a stand, the outlet itself might take a stand in an editorial, but don’t confuse these papers with the Party. It’s the Democrats themselves who need to take action, you can’t rely on the media to do your bidding.

But, if the Democrats take a stand, one that is not inclusive of absolutely every American, they’re excoriated, not only by the right, but by the media itself, even the “left-leaning” media, which is fearful of appearing biased. Yes, the Republicans have the media under their thumb too. Forget that they’ve convinced the rank and file not to even read the NYT or WaPo, they’ve beaten up these papers so much that the papers are gun-shy. Ergo false equivalencies. The right gets to render an opinion, even if the facts are clear and there’s only one side. A Republican shoots someone and the media ask the right for an explanation. And they pull one out of their ass. The left does this too, but in truth it’s the right that is undermining elections and democracy, and to say otherwise is to create one of those false equivalencies referenced above.

So, if Biden takes a stand for democracy… IT’S NOT INCLUSIVE ENOUGH! Old Joe was beaten up so bad that he blinked and no one supported him, even though there’s not a single rank and file Democrat who doesn’t believe that democracy is in peril. The Democratic leadership is being held hostage by the Republicans and the media, and the Republicans are laughing all the way to the ballot box.

Every single day Trump utters a falsehood. But that’s fine, because he’s Trump, he’s a Republican. But a Democrat can’t be outrageous, can’t call it like it truly is. Not only will the right and the media beat him or her up, but so will people in their own party! Yes, the Democrats are always convinced that the sky is falling and they must play it safe, when in truth they’ve got to play for the win, it’s the only way TO WIN!

There have been so many revelations. But the Republicans stand behind Trump. Chris Christie was bloviating on Bill Maher’s show how bad the Republicans are, but then he said he voted for Trump both times and wouldn’t rule out voting for him again. Yes, they kick and complain, but then they fall into line. And if they don’t, they’re excommunicated. Like Liz Cheney. It’s all about the party. And the party says Herschel Walker must be elected, even though he’s a lying, cheating scumbag who paid for an abortion, BECAUSE HE’S A REPUBLICAN!

Don’t you get it, no one’s changing their mind!

But let’s get really scary. Two weeks ago there was an election in Brazil. Bolsonaro was even worse, more detached from reality, more of an autocrat than Trump. All the polls said he was gonna lose. And then people voted… AND IT WAS DAMN CLOSE, no one got 50% so there’s going to be a runoff, and Bolsonaro just might pull it out.

Kinda like 2020. Forget that Biden won, the truth is it was damn close, not in total votes, but in the electoral college. The polls said one thing, but they turned out to be untrue.

Do you really think all those “independents” are going to answer poll takers correctly, IF THEY ANSWER AT ALL! Come on, you know people who were good friends, who were always silent on politics, but if you pushed them hard enough, you found out they voted for Trump. Mostly because of their pocketbook. And then there are those who feel they’ve been left behind by the Democrats and want to throw a spanner in the works. Even want things they think will benefit them that don’t. Like lower income taxes when they don’t pay any at all. And like every American except the few who are winners, they’re overwhelmed by how hard life is so they dream of making it, otherwise life is too depressing, and when they do THEY don’t want to pay taxes. They feel a kinship with the rich, even though the rich don’t give them a second thought.

God, some Democrat tells the truth and they’re seen as a pariah. Everybody’s so afraid of turning off a theoretical voter that they won’t go on record. Meanwhile, wishy-washy turns people off. But what these wankers don’t understand is people aren’t changing their minds, they’re not going from Republican to Democrat, not going to happen, and the only way out of this is to excite the base, to get them to come out and VOTE!

I’m completely disillusioned. Other than Biden, they’re all wimps. Chuck Schumer never gets mad, never raises his voice, and always says his hands are tied. Pelosi is a bit better, but not much. Who would want these people to represent them, especially when those on the other side have no problem playing dirty and making outrageous comments. Spineless Lindsey Graham was outspent, cried foul, and STILL WON ANOTHER SENATE TERM IN SOUTH CAROLINA!

We keep hearing it’s about money. But really it’s not. He said/she said is worthless. It’s about energizing the base. How come the Republicans know this and the Democrats don’t? Do you think voters are running from nitwit Marjorie Taylor Greene? Even her husband abandoned her. As for Kellyanne Conway, a new book says she was hated by Trump’s team. But no one says this publicly, and the news doesn’t even laugh at her, they take her seriously, whereas AOC is excoriated all around, even though she’s young and a fighter, which resonates with not only those who do vote, but those who have historically not. I mean give me some fresh blood, will you? The NFL doesn’t tolerate losing teams. They fire the coach, someone takes the blame and they start again from scratch, whereas with Democrats it’s all about legacy. WHAT legacy? The sixties were long ago.

The truth is the Democrats have been branded coastal elites, and they keep denying this while history shows us they were all behind shipping the jobs overseas. The optics are bad, irrelevant of the truth. And sure, the Republicans were even worse, but a lot of this was enacted during Clinton’s reign. Oh, the truth is the Democrats have been tarred by the Republicans, rightly or wrongly, and they keep saying the Republicans have it wrong and it’s a worthless argument. Like the Democrats are going to change the Republicans’ position? IT’S WORKING!

As for change, Tucker Carlson is worse than Bill O’Reilly. And Murdoch’s son seems to have no conscience. If you’re waiting for all wounds to be healed by time, you’re expecting the right to castigate Orban’s authoritarianism and to embrace Ukraine as opposed to Russia.

They get away with it. BECAUSE WE LET THEM!

And now the big story is we’d better not prosecute Trump, all hell will break loose. So the left blinks, is very afraid. When in truth the proletariat is disillusioned, if the President can break the law, go scot-free, even after ADMITTING THE CRIME, why in the hell should they fly straight?

Kinda like Clinton. Lying under oath. Let’s not get into definitions, that’s the perception. Now people don’t think twice about lying under oath. Why tell the truth? It’s not to your advantage. And you want to support the team at all costs.

So forget the news. Nothing is going to make ANYBODY change their mind re who they’re going to vote for. No, it’s all about the parties themselves. Give the Republicans credit, they’re super-organized, while the Democrats are in disarray, with no bench to boot.

What do they say, get your own house in order first?

If the Democrats would start worrying about, appealing to those who agree with them, maybe they might come out and vote. Hell, Obama let McConnell slide re the Supreme Court and…now we’re in this pickle, people don’t even trust the court, but unless there’s a revolution, it makes no difference. Meanwhile, all the talk of revolution is on the RIGHT! Man, I’d like a revolution. A fair and balanced Supreme Court. Elections based on popular vote. National health care. I could go on, but I’m supposed to shut my mouth for fear of offending…exactly who? Oh, I know, the vocal right who are never going to change their minds, period.

It’s not like what I’m saying is hidden, it’s completely obvious. How come Trump can state the obvious and get away with it, and the left keeps saying it’s taboo. Forget his lies, Trump energized his voters by speaking like a regular person instead of in political gobbledygook, using swear words, not worried about being so politically correct as to be neutered.

But the left obfuscates. Or says it would like change, but it’s impossible. Get in the back of the bus, no matter what color you are.

The public will respond if you give them hope. Where is my left wing, Democratic hope? All I see are professional politicians afraid of their own shadow. Can you at least GIMME SOME TRUTH?

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