The Supreme Court Decision

They’re gonna take away your guns!

They’re gonna turn your kids into homosexuals, even worse they might end up being trans!

These are the tropes the right runs on again and again. Tiny issues, usually social issues, that they blow up to obscure the real issues, which are often to the detriment of their constituents, to win elections. AND IT WORKS!

I was having dinner with John Glenn… You remember, he was a senator in addition to being an astronaut. And, he was from Ohio. Which used to be blue. And he’s telling me how the right weaponized social issues to win. But he was already out of office, approaching ninety… Everybody knows the truth, but no one wants to say it on the left.


If you’re educated, you’ve been repeating this mantra this entire century. Has there been any traction? OF COURSE NOT! Because the Democratic party and its minions have consultants lost in the last century telling them you can’t win by going negative. They adhere to all these rules that no longer apply. And if you want to challenge the orthodoxy, they shut you up. Like AOC… They want to undercut her instead of following her. I mean do these oldsters in Congress have any idea what the younger generation thinks? If they do have kids, in most cases they’re already out of school.

As for polls…

Let me see, ever since 2016 they’ve been wrong. So why trot them out now?

All these numbers dictating that Republicans won’t change their opinions as a result of the 1/6 hearings… Am I really even going to tell someone if I have doubts? I mean come on, don’t trust the polls. And let’s not even get into methodology, who agrees to respond, etc.

So, the Democrats could have made the Supreme Court the issue.

They could have said, over and over again, THEY’RE GOING TO GET RID OF YOUR RIGHT TO GET AN ABORTION! They could have scared the populace into voting for Hillary, which would have eliminated this entire problem. But no! Hillary herself was so focus-grouped she lost touch with her inner feelings. Once you lose touch with your inner tuning fork, you’re screwed, it’s your core beliefs that guide you.

And let’s be clear, even a huge proportion of Republicans don’t want abortion rights to be eliminated. They’re past the age of procreation, or they never have sex, or… But the right keeps paying fealty to the religious zealots who represent ever fewer members of the voting constituency. What do we call this? THE TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY!

So the New York gun decision comes down.

The first thing that I think about is if it weren’t for McConnell, the decision would have gone the other way. Yes, Merrick Garland would be a Supreme Court justice and there wouldn’t be enough time to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg, whose legacy needs to be re-evaluated… How come on the right you must take one for the team, but Ginsburg kept her job even though she knew she had cancer? Talk about being self-serving. Ultimately narcissistic.

And now this issue eliminating Roe v. Wade.

On every news site they say this is not the will of the people, most people want abortion rights maintained.

But there are articles saying most people use the pill now anyway (that’s the abortion pill, not the contraceptive pill, which they want to get rid of).

Yes, the water is boiling in the pot but unlike lobsters human beings are sentient and they still won’t jump out. They’re still making excuses. I mean what’s end game? An authoritarian state? How do we end up standing up to that? As for street combat, it’s the right that has all the guns.

And speaking of killing… After this week’s 1/6 hearings you know it’s only a matter of time. Supreme Court justices need protection? Now even POLL WORKERS need protection! Ever vote? You’ve encountered these people. Usually somnambulant, living life in 3/4 time. Eating their doughnuts, providing a public service. If you think they’re the enemy, that they’re conspiring to overthrow elections, you’ve never voted.

And speaking of truth. We had to endure national analysis that the Democrats were even in trouble in California! Which turned out to be complete hogwash. We don’t want no stinking billionaire running Los Angeles, and now that the entire vote has trickled in, Bass is killing Caruso. As for all this anti-California backlash, the Golden State looks really good if you want, or even NEED an abortion. What if California acted like the red states. You can’t get an abortion unless you show a California driver’s license. Imagine the uproar!

That’s what the right specializes in, uproar.

The left? We take our lumps individually. We retreat with our tails between our legs. The solution is always the same… VOTE! Give me an f-ing break. As a result of the liar in chief spreading the falsehood that the election was stolen, all these draconian voting laws have been passed, making it harder for “those people” to vote. Why is it you don’t have to wait to vote in rich white neighborhoods, but you have to stand in line in Black neighborhoods for hours. Do you think this is by accident? WAKE UP!

And it’s all because of the Supreme Court. We don’t need no stinking voting laws to keep the southern states in check. Yes, the mantra of the people on Fox News is that we live in a post-racial society. Truly. They talk about equality, a bunch of other B.S., how it insults the dignity of people of color, and then their minions go to Charlottesville… That’s one thing that has become absolutely clear, there’s a plethora of white nationalists in the Republican party, i.e. there are good people on both sides.

So you ask me to have faith in the Supreme Court??

And the Supremes aren’t the only ones. Trump rammed through a million right wing judges, some with no courtroom experience whatsoever! So you think you’ll be saved by the courts? Good luck!

I lost faith in Congress first.

Now the Supreme Court.

Who do I believe in. John Lennon? Oh, that’s right, he’s DEAD! SHOT WITH A GUN!

Don’t tell me to vote. I mean I will, but that’s not going to solve our problems, we need action.

Like a national strike. It’s very clear here, you need to hit the corporations, they can’t handle, can’t afford to sit on the sidelines. They want problems solved NOW!

And the people who work for these companies… They care more about their paychecks than they do abortion rights, believe me.

But no, that’s too much, too far. We’ve got to respect the rule of law. Just like… TRUMP?

I literally cried when I saw the decision on my phone. Which I did not expect whatsoever. I mean I already knew the outcome, but to see it in broad headlines on my phone. It was like one of those bizarre movies playing out an alternative history, but this time it’s REAL!

As for all those people claiming America’s the greatest country in the world… Even Boris Johnson was scratching his head at this decision. I mean you can get an abortion in Catholic Ireland but not in the U.S!

And this isn’t the end, just the beginning.

And do you know what is going to happen folks… NOTHING!!!

That’s right, absolutely nothing. We’ve seen it again and again. Maybe there are a few protests, to show solidarity, but in the twenty first century protests have no effect, everything happens online. But when it comes to online boycotts, sacrificing convenience, it’s been proven again and again that people will not give up a single thing. They’ll still shop at Amazon and…

We don’t even have any leaders on the left. Forget Biden, a twentieth century man in the twenty first century. But our leaders, like Schumer and Pelosi. They keep saying how bad it is but their hands are tied. Yup, that’s the way to inspire people, RIGHT!

I mean the left has so many tools in its belt, so many bullets in its arsenal. Killer Mike? Articulate Black rapper? Build that guy up, give him as much screen time and ink as you can. Everyone can see that he believes what he’s saying, and he has a sense of humor to boot. I’m not saying to run celebrities, but to use them to get results. The right keeps saying the left owns Hollywood, and Hollywood keeps blinking. Own it, double-down on what’s right! You can’t appeal to everybody anyway.

Pick out one target a week. All these Congresspeople are rich. Boycott the company, the income of one Republican every month. Oh, they’ll kick and scream. How does it feel? EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS FOR US RIGHT NOW!

But we don’t kick and scream, we accept it. We rationalize.

So what we end up with is the tyranny of the minority.

You’d think that the Constitution was written last week according to these originalist judges and Republican elected officials. No, it was written by human beings 250 years ago, people who’d be flummoxed by a dial telephone, never mind an iPhone.

We keep correcting the past. The slaveholders, the Confederates. Yes, we’ll take down their statue, change the name of the building, but that’s only window dressing, that’s not real change. Meanwhile, those on the right say that people have never changed. That the Constitution is inviolate. Do you think the framers foresaw a day when North Dakota would have two senators and California would have the same number? OF COURSE NOT!

As for amendments… The way we’re going the Supreme Court is going to eviscerate those rights as opposed to having new ones enacted.

You not only have to fight for your right to party, you’ve got to fight for Democracy too.

As for the brainwashed rank and file on the right, they’ll be the first ones to say they didn’t understand what was at stake when they become oppressed too.

Once you start taking away the rights of people, it’s a slippery slope, where do you start?

As for truth… These stinking Supremes lied in Congress saying Roe v. Wade was inviolate.

It’s like America is run by drug kingpins, or the Mafia. What they say goes, and what they want happens. And if you go against them…you pay, oftentimes with your life. Yes, try getting an abortion for medical reasons, conditions that will kill the mother. Ain’t gonna happen. That’s what happens when you live in an absolutist society.

And let’s not bother talking about freedom. The right only employs the concept when it benefits them, they’re hypocrites. Why should you care what I’m doing, why should you restrict my behavior when it doesn’t affect you?

Never mind the insane ruling on Maine schools. Separation of church and state? The Supremes don’t even believe that, they want to overrule it, demonstrating their belief in following the letter of the law, the Constitution, and the intent of its creators…they’re just outright lying. The Constitution talks about separation of church and state. If a state is giving money to a religious-based organization, where is the separation? IT DOESN’T EXIST!

Yeah, you’re on my side. We’re all in this together. And we all do nothing. Because the Democratic party has abdicated, it’s got no leaders. It refuses to wake up and see the situation we’re in as our rights and powers slowly slip away, and now even more quickly.

If you’re optimistic you’re delusional.

Unless we take action, we’re doomed.

And that action is not protesting, and it’s not even voting. Like I said, let’s start with a national strike. Or limited strikes. Show our power. It ain’t that hard not to go to work one day. You say you’re sick, is the company really going to show up at your door and check? And when a plethora takes action, the company is impotent, and usually caves.

And how about packing the damn Supreme Court right now. Yes, introduce a bill. I don’t care whether it ultimately passes or not, play like it’s going to. You stand up to bullies. You don’t reason with them, you don’t accept what they say, because the field for you to play on gets smaller and smaller.

You publish names of Congresspeople who believe the election was stolen from him. The right hammers those on the left by name every day. You’d think that George Soros is the shadow president. The left? Well, it’s unseemly, distasteful, and we might piss somebody off.

OF COURSE WE’LL PISS PEOPLE OFF! But there are more of us than there are of them.

We’ve got to throw the long ball.

This game is down to its final minutes. We’re way behind. There’s not enough time to stick with the ground game. You don’t always connect on the eighty yard pass, but there’s a chance you do. Whereas if there’s thirty seconds on the clock and you’ve scored almost no points against a strong defensive line to run the ball ensures defeat, you just can’t win using that strategy. Oh, you can be delusional, like the Democratic party, but everybody knows it’s impossible.

Give me some hope. Tell me what to do. Lead me. PLEASE!

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