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Re: Undercover Season 3

Thank you Bob.

Always nice to read a good review, especially for this season. It was a hard one to make. Getting Bob and Ferry together pitched great but was… yes… a stretch to write. At the time I was busy making the movie, so my good friend and colleague (and co-creator) Piet Matthys did most of the heavy lifting.

Shooting was even more intense, we were at the height of the third covid-wave, Frank was exhausted (shot this back to back with the movie, that’s why his hair is short – we didn’t have time to do something else) and lonely in his hotel room. He’s a Dutchman and we shot most of the show in Belgium with a lot of restrictions, all restaurants and bars closed, no social gatherings possible. It made the experience very “method” for him, although he hates method acting. He’s the kind of actor who can switch on and off in the blink of an eye.

Irony is that I’m in LA now, stuck in my hotel room because of a positive covid test. Gives me time to write!

Nico Moolenaar

(Creator/Producer “Undercover”)


Dear mister lefsetz,

Thanks for your kind reviews. If you happen to know an agent who would like to help me do some stuff over there, I would be very grateful. And for the record I don’t have skinny legs.

Greetings from Holland

Frank lammers



So glad you keep the love going for Undercover, as I could not agree with you MORE!

Ferry is one of, if not the best bad guys in years on TV, and for those who know what we’re both talking about, I don’t think there’s been a more lovable, yet despicable “bad guy” like this since Gandolfini in The Sopranos. Ferry is the show, and every second he’s on screen he’s unpredictable, ready to pounce, and flat out someone you can’t help but admire because he says what he means and means what he says, which is sadly something most knuckleheads in our world have forgotten is a noble and stand up quality we desperately need more of.

Thank you,

Richard Suckle


I was an AFS student in Tunisia in high school and attended a few circumcisions – yes, they are a thing, like a combo bris and bar mitzvah. My eyes were big as saucers the first time I attended one – I don’t think I’d heard the word circumcision said out loud before (I grew up protestant in Pasadena).

Re Frank Lammers – The range. He’s mesmerizing as Ferry. He’s so alive as a character I feel like I can smell him. Repulsive and attractive…the boyish slump in the hotel lobby in Turkey, his tenderness towards Danielle, his rage – when he pulled that table out of the cement floor to reach the phone in prison! – the pursed lips, watching his brain work when he’s negotiating with the police and then…that remarkable scene with Serkan where he goes raw and real about why he desperately needs that drug deal…wow.

Barbara Barna Abel


I’m watching undercover, it really is good.  Ferry was an amazing character and mean as a snake underneath.  Bob is a full fledged character with his work, his family and I don’t know how people who work undercover for months, years do what they do.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check out Spiral.



Ditto…100% !

Kevin Teare


Great season, loved it, too!

Don Sizzle


I want an all Fer network.

Gary Mendel

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