Undercover Season 3

It delivers.

I’d say it’s phenomenal, but there are some plot points that are not fully believable…no, let me just say they stretch it. But having said that one thing you must know is at times it’s so TENSE!

That’s something that TV doesn’t do so well. That’s one of the reasons “The Bureau” is so great, because of the tension. And there were times during the new “Undercover” that it was hard to watch, not because of gore and violence, but because you were worried what might happen to the characters.

I don’t want to give away any of the plot, but let me just say that the series works first and foremost because of Frank Lammers, who plays Ferry. He’s far from classically beautiful, and he’s got a big belly and skinny legs. And what he radiates isn’t exactly charisma, but internal power, confidence, and the ability to manipulate. You’re drawn to him. Ferry is out for himself, but he can be warm and fuzzy, most notably with Danielle.

Danielle… She’s long on heart, but not so good with brains. As for her sexual preferences…I’ll let you watch and find out.

And Tom Waes, as Bob/Peter, is inherently intense. And he never breaks character, that’s just who he is. Focused. Eyes on the prize. Thinking about the game all the time. Which is why he and Ferry play so well together. One from the good team, one from the bad, but both skilled at what they are doing.

And then there’s a new character, Nazmiye Oral as Leyla, the drug kingpin. She’s so believable it’s astounding. Devoted to her handicapped husband partner but shouldering all the responsibilities that he no longer can. She and her family are Turkish. Exotic in Belgium, where this show is shot. They don’t sacrifice their roots, and there’s a celebration commemorating a surgery…I’d never heard of this occasion, proving that television can be a window to the world.

Assuming you watch foreign shows. And if you want a Turkish show, pull up “Ethos,” also on Netflix, which is gritty in its own way and even more believable. I’ve written about it, but I’m constantly getting e-mail from people asking me what to watch, or telling me about a show I’ve already written about, so I want to remind you.

“Undercover” is basically a crime show. The best foreign crime show is “Spiral.” It rings true throughout. But it doesn’t have Frank Lammers, as good as the talent is in that French production. It’s amazing what one star can do.

So be sure to watch “Undercover” with subtitles, it just does not ring as true dubbed. And watch the previous two seasons and the prequel movie too. This is a humdinger. If only we had television like this in the U.S. The U.S. is all about sheen, the look, the stars frequently supersede the roles. But in “Undercover,” you forget you’re watching television, you just go along for the ride. And the ride is not always fast, and when it’s slow it’s tense and…

I’ve tried to watch some of the hyped American shows, like “Maid.” Andie MacDowell starts off okay and then goes over the top and becomes unwatchable. Her daughter, Margaret Qualley, who plays the title character, is a star, but to tell you the truth I’ve been unable to finish the show.

So most people don’t know the new season of “Undercover” started on Monday. But more people know the new season of “Ozark” starts Friday. CAN’T WAIT!

Trailer: https://bit.ly/3Gw6pMs

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