The Unvaccinated

“As Virus Cases Rise, Another Contagion Spreads Among the Vaccinated: Anger – Frustrated by the prospect of a new surge, many Americans are blaming the unvaccinated. A tougher stance may backfire, some experts warn.”:

How come we’ve got to be nice to them when they’re not nice to us!

I can’t stop following the news. That’s where all the action is. It was in the arts in the twentieth century, movies and music, and in tech from the late nineties until the early teens, but now it’s all news. And all we hear is we need to stop talking about it, stay in our lanes.

That’s right, wankers keep telling us it’s the same as it ever was when it’s not! Democracy is at risk. Call it creeping fascism. Call it creeping authoritarianism. But whenever you bite back, all we hear is cries from the right, the same people who had their panties in a twist when they were called deplorables!

They were and are deplorables, that’s right. If Hillary Clinton had only had a backbone and doubled-down, she might have won. But she was so busy triangulating and trying to appease that her mealy-mouthed approach satisfied almost no one and she lost.

And who won? A lying bloviator whose acolytes refused to hold him accountable, impeached twice he skated and then he pardoned all his lackeys. Consequences? Zero!

I thought there would be riots in the street when they eviscerated abortion. But nothing ever happens. It’s the right that’s out protesting, not the left. If it doesn’t directly affect you, people don’t care. But this covid thing? It affects everybody!

Never have I felt more powerless. The news reports the heinosity but absolutely nothing happens. I went to the L.A. Holocaust museum and was stunned to find out the truth/reality was printed in the newspaper. But since Americans were here and not there, and most weren’t Jewish, people shrugged their shoulders and nothing happened. It’s not radically different today.

The problem is most people are not in the crossfire. They think they know what is going on on the right, but truly they have no idea. And the truth is you’ve got a bunch of crazies, religious in the belief of their cause if not truly religious, or both, circling the wagons, arming up, changing life for those around them and willing to fight to the death to insure their way of life dominates.

States keep passing these anti-voter laws under the falsehood that there’s voter fraud and the U.S. Senate can’t even get together and pass a law embracing people’s right to vote! That’s like saying captains are only giving life preservers to those who are rich and taking them away from those who are poor and there’s nothing you can do about it. As for the Republican heavy Supreme Court, good luck with that. The court of last resort is tilted, it keeps telling us there’s no racism in America and no voting protections are needed. Huh?

Whenever things don’t go the right’s way, whenever it looks like they might not go their way, they’re up in arms, crying, loudly. Never mind their insane agenda being promoted everywhere, one of hatred and exclusion. But try to call them on it and all you hear is FOUL!

That’s right. We’re supposed to respect the unvaccinated. We’re supposed to love them. We’re supposed to try and understand them. But there’s no reciprocal effort! We’re laughable snowflakes. Communists. Who are ending life in America as we (they) know it.

And Joe Biden blows the whistle on Facebook and what do all the media outlets say? FOUL JOE! Blame the people, not the institution. So Joe backs away. EVERYBODY KNOWS YOU GET DISINFORMATION ONLINE, PRIMARILY SOCIAL MEDIA, but when Joe states the truth he’s at fault. Why?

I hear from these people every day. They tell me not to be afraid, to go out and live my life like they do. Meanwhile, their unvaccinated brethren are getting infected and overwhelming hospitals. But it’s not them yet. And then you have the mother whose kids got covid who is still refusing vaccination.

And there are all these excuses. It’s not approved. It might have unknown side effects in the future. It’s got chips in it. Forget the truth, they’ve got a fountain of misinformation which they believe in and are not backing down. And it’s not only about vaccinations!

They’re not getting the shots. Will we stop hearing all this b.s. about how to appeal to them? It’s like a baby refusing medical treatment by crying, saying they haven’t had the procedure before, are you gonna listen to a baby or force them to do the right thing?

So they do focus groups. Of people who say they’re open to vaccination. And what do they find out at the end, THEY’RE NOT! It was all a ruse. To make you think we can make progress, that they can be swayed, when they can’t!

And any effort we take to convince them otherwise is criticized for being too harsh. We can’t knock on their doors, that’s like the Gestapo. As for papers/vaccine passports? That’s like a fascist country. Talk about one’s head spinning. These are the same bozos who keep telling us their bodies are temples and we can’t tell them what to do while they insist we can’t have abortions. It’s ridiculous on the surface.

And I’m abused with falsehoods every day. They’re laughing at me. They’re telling me to take ivermectin, a parasitic primarily for animals, every day and covid will just go away. Presently all the studies say otherwise but I’m scratching my head wondering why these people are always promoting cockamamie unproven therapies, like hydroxychloroquine, which turned out to have a negative effect, when the highly researched and tested covid vaccines must not enter their bodies, it’s too high a risk.

Those on the right, and they’re the lion’s share of the unvaccinated, have already divided the country, it’s them versus us, end of story. But on the left we’re all kumbaya, trying to put our arms around those who want no part of us, to make them feel included. Is this the next military strategy, love our enemy?!

Macron had enough in France. Bottom line, without proof of vaccination you can’t live a public life, you’re excluded from buildings and events. But we can’t do this in the U.S. As a matter of fact, Republican state governments have already passed laws outlawing anti-covid behavior. Meanwhile, their guy, the one whose name begins with a “T,” did his best to act like an autocrat, and the rest of us just had to suffer, tough noogies. Biden still has national powers, but he won’t use them, for fear of pissing people off. Did this ever cross Trump’s mind? NEVER!

Delve into right wing media. It’s all hate all the time. The left is excoriated. And not in subtle tones. And Biden’s words are twisted.

“Opinion: In the real world, Biden is tough on Cuba. In the right-wing world, he’s pro-Communist.”:

And that’s from Max Boot, a noted conservative!

So here’s what has to happen folks. Zero tolerance, just like on the right. If someone won’t get vaccinated, read them the riot act. Make them squirm. Level the hatred on their shoulders that they direct towards us. Is it going to undermine discourse in America? Of course not, there is none!

Let’s draw the lines perfectly clear. If you haven’t been vaccinated, you can’t work at a hospital/in health care and you can’t work in any government job. End of story. Black and white. Because THE REST OF US are sick of being AT RISK!

Just like those people who won’t get measles shots relying on herd immunity. Why do we keep doing the heavy lifting for the lazy takers? Let’s turn the right’s anti-welfare rhetoric on its head!

And start passing laws saying you can’t go to a show without a vaccination card period. The concert industry refuses to address this issue, but the “Washington Post” did.

“Summer music festivals have returned – just in time for the latest coronavirus surge”:

The young and unvaccinated are mingling, spreading covid, but we must have our music, the show must go on, all we get is crickets from the concert industry! And since it takes days at a minimum to find out if you’re infected, causation is rarely explored, superspreader events just continue.

And you won’t die if you get it anyway. WRONG! Even babies are dying. Until it happens to them they don’t believe it’s true.

But now it’s happening to US!

This is war folks. Stop backing down. Stop being fearful of alienating people who don’t agree with you and will never agree with you. The only way out of this is truth. Isn’t that what Superman said, “Truth, justice and the American Way”? I doubt Superman would be immune to covid, after all kryptonite got him. Truth is not misinformation on Fox and online. Justice is not a Supreme Court telling us everything is hunky-dory and no intervention is necessary. The American Way is not what the unvaccinated are preaching. The American Way is about coming together for the good of everybody, without it there’s no chance of beating covid, you don’t even have a country!

That’s what we’re fighting for right now, our country. But one side keeps telling you to put down your arms. And the leaders on the left are all about appeasement, like Neville Chamberlain. Therefore the real issues, the hard work, is kicked down the line in the name of “peace” and then it’s ultimately too late to achieve.

Chamberlain believed England was safe, when the truth was nothing of the sort.

General Milley warned of a “Reichstag Moment” but instead of addressing the issue, those on the right say the armed forces shouldn’t weigh in on politics.

It’s always the same, obfuscation, rules, but when we bring out the big rule book, when we want to create laws protecting society, it’s NO GO!

Fight. I’m not telling you to pick up arms, I’m just telling you to stop being somnambulant. They’re coming for you and your way of life. You think you’re immune, but you’re not.

How about saving the real America, one of many colors, one where immigrants are embraced and aid us not only in picking crops but pushing technological boundaries. One in which you’re free to live your life as a gay or trans person if you choose. One in which we can acknowledge the racial sins of the past. Is that asking too much? NO! But our words keep getting twisted by the right, they want to drag us all into the hole they’re living in, where it’s every person for themselves and you depend on the church to get you through. These people are even buying fake religious health insurance, thinking they’re covered when they’re not!

They keep telling us to have faith in ourselves. Well, it’s about time we do so. We know this anti-vaccine behavior is insane, putting us all at risk, and enough with the carrots, now comes the stick. They talk about a political wall, we need a social wall, excluding all these unvaccinated idiots from everyday life. No school, no nothing. Get the jab, then we can talk!

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