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It’s funny that the “stay home if you are scared of the virus, let us live our lives” crowd is now the “I’m scared of the vaccine, but don’t put limits on me” crowd.  It’s the same people who said private businesses don’t have to serve a gay couple a wedding cake, but when a private business says they need a vaccine, they lose their shit.

Jake Jacobs


UK government have been trying to bury the facts – watch out! Don’t underplay the risk.

From the esteemed
Deepti Gurdasani @dgurdasani1

Jun 11

PHE report on variants just out. Highlights: -more than 90% of cases across England now delta -delta ~66% more transmissible -Most cases are in school age children -30% deaths were among fully vaccinated and 17% in partly vaccinated -cases of delta sublineage with K417N mutation

Linden Coll


I’m a vaccinated boomer in PA. I just watched a Crowded House show that was recorded in New Zealand in spring with a full audience.  Excellent show.  Envious of everyone down under.

I have tickets to see James Taylor and Jackson Browne indoors in early August. I’m still on the fence about going. No sign of requiring proof of vaccination here. We’ll see what happens with variants between now and then. Right now Pittsburgh is seeing 15-20 positives a day.

I wouldn’t go to a movie theater to see any movie. Too many knuckleheads.

Harold Love

Pittsburgh, PA


I understand that I’m not talking about the kind of ticket sales, venues or turnouts that you are BUT I will tell you that the venues I have played so far since most things have opened back up (small theaters and small city events) have been at full capacity. Not only that but the crowds have been incredibly amped for the show.

Taking It To The People

Jack Ingram


Just for your reference went to a Cardinals baseball game because I’m vaccinated. No vaccine card needed. This is Missouri.

Bought a ticket to a Yankees game in New York. They said Vaccine card is required.

You can see where both are on the list.

Michael Barber


I’m vaccinated, and live in a blue island (Dallas) in a red state (Texas). I’m going to concerts, but I’ll be wearing a mask for the rest of the year and until the infection rate slows to a trickle.

Charles McGarry


Bravo!  Excellent summary of the current live entertainment shit storm.  I ordered 6 plastic sleeves to protect my vaccine card and they came with 6 blank vaccine cards-that are identical to the one I received when I got vaccinated.  So those pseudo vaccine cards are meaningless. there a bunch of new startups vying for a slice-the race is on!

Harvey Leeds


Leave it to these times to have me praising James Dolan, of all people, for making MSG, Radio City Music Hall and Beacon Theatre vax-only for concerts this far.

That’s an exception to the rule, however. Because state regulations are ever-changing and – more importantly – almost no one wants to offend the anti-vaxxers with sound policies, venues are by and large not communicating ANY policy information. This leads to audience uncertainty and, taking a look at many of these seating maps, way undersold venues.  Mostly outdoors, where it’s supposed to be safer!  Hell, I found out a venue was vax-only from a radio station website.  The actual venue website?  Nada.

The other dirty little secret: very few truly major acts are touring this summer.  What other headliners are going to sell out arenas & stadiums besides Foo Fighters and Garth Brooks, respectively?  Take a look at the seating charts; Ticketmaster and AXS both let you see how much inventory there is.  No one else is consistently killing it until Genesis knocks over their Last Domino in Q4.  So maybe it’s less about a return to normalcy/ reclaiming what once was and more about the acts themselves. People aren’t going to show up to something (and potentially risk their lives) unless it’s great.

The venues are mostly quiet, Live Nation is going with whatever the local rules are.  So, the acts must lead the way. Dead & Co is requiring vaccine to be in the pit. You figure after decades of ingesting substances, this crowd would have no issue getting a shot, but idiocy cuts across all demographics…

Springsteen may have moved his E Street tour into 2022, but is doing 30 Broadway dates at a larger theatre than last time and requiring vaccination.

Look to the cookie, Bob.  Look to the acts.  Can they lead?  Yes.  Will they?  We’ll see.

Dave Conklin


Here in Nashville, it’s wide open even in the ultra-left arts-centric community of East Nashville—Covid’s over. No masks, no distancing, full capacity.

I’m not sure how I could’ve been any more careful throughout the pandemic, taking every last little tiny precaution and never ever (ever) going out. I STILL haven’t set foot in a grocery store. But I got double-vaxxed as early as I possibly could without cutting in line, and when the CDC said fully vaccinated people can go anywhere without masks, I found myself lapsing into “Good enough for me!” mode along with everybody else.

As far as I can tell, the thinking in Music City is that if you’re vaccinated and you come into contact with the virus at a concert, you will either not get it, or get it and not experience symptoms. And as long as all your friends and loved ones are vaccinated, too, then what’s to worry about?

Doesn’t feel super-great that we’re letting our guards down to such an extent, when for all we know a variant from hell could pop up and wipe us all out, vaccinated or not…but looks like that’s where we are!

Dean Moore


Unfortunately, too many people will lie to get into whatever it is they want to go to.  No one is taking away their right to not get vaccinated but if you don’t want to get vaccinated, be a man (so to speak) and take responsibility that you can get someone very, very sick. So, DON’T Go where having a vaccine is required.

I don’t think the red states would have any more trouble filling up an arena concert,  than they’ve had filling up restaraunts indoors and beaches outdoors.

The only question is which promoters go for the bucks and which make sure they’re not held responsible for any possibility someone got someone else sick with Covid at the show.

Annie Roboff


Mass shootings – another deterrent. Not to mention social media inspired brawls.

Tom Quinn


Reality will strike @ will. Then the fools will look to blame everybody else but themselves. Stupid is as Stupid does A virus doesn’t play by the rules Nor does it care how you vote or where you live. Just that your body be available to be a host for it

Kevin Sutter


After 21 years of touring, I’m not sure I’m ready to get back on the road full-time yet. Between the lack of sleep, constant changing of locations, unhealthy air, and close contact with numerous people, it’s inevitable that at some point someone is going to get sick. What do you do if someone on your bus catches Covid? I’ve gotten the shots, and while they improve your odds and outcome, they’re not 100%. I’ve heard of vaccination requirements for crew for some upcoming tours, but with so many people from all over coming in and out for various reasons, it’s going to be hard to track. Do I want to risk my or my family’s health? I can’t imagine I’m the only one feeling that way.

Nothing would make me happier than to see the great re-emergence of music this year, but it’s still way too early to make any predictions on how it will play out. I’m cautiously optimistic, with the emphasis on cautious.

Josh Cohen


Based on what we are seeing in Kansas City there’s absolutely no hesitation from anyone. Shows and bars are PACKED inside and out!

Michael Edmondson


I absolutely love concerts, I am fully vaccinated but at 63 I think I’ll wait until 2022 before I take a chance at concerts!! As for a vaccine passports I think it will be a necessity at concerts, flying and many other areas.

Doug Gillis


This may seem callous but here’s my take on it. It’s obvious that many Trumpers are never going to get vaccinated. Now if you believe the science, if you’re vaccinated you’re protected. Yes you can apparently still contract covid but it should be fairly benign. So if that’s the case then maybe it’s time to stop worrying about those who refuse to take it. Again if science is correct they are the ones at risk, not the vaccinated, so do we or should we really care if they get sick.

There is always a price to pay for freedom of choice….let’s just let them pay it.

Greg Stroh


L A concerts for the fall of 2021 seem to be selling out. Try to get tickets for Bleachers at the Palladium. There aren’t any except resales!

I got vaccinated so i feel safe now. I will go to concerts! I never did get sick and I’m 75 years old.

The country is going to open up completely in the very near future. Anyone who wants to get vaccinated can easily do it now, for free!!!

If people don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s on them. Tough luck if they get sick or die.

Larry Green


I have a ticket to

Bruno Mars in Vegas late July…booked the trip about 5 weeks ago…live on Maui…fully vaccinated…was more jazzed when I booked it than I am now but…I’m going for sure…

Tom Clark


I see my first indoor show in a small venue in July. Aquarium Rescue unit. Can’t wait. Stay safe. I am fully vaxxed and wear a mask when inside public places. I got Covid in December my closing sale of my brothers business. He and purchaser and purchasers lawyer were unmasked and I was dumb. It was not too bad (I like you have compromised immune e system) but I don’t need it again. Stay safe.

Michael Becker


Hi Bo , UFC in Glendale, Arizona, United States had over 17000 last night !!! wonder if cases will develop from that ?

John Kieselhorst


As for the cruise passengers, I know someone who was traveling with the 2 positive people in question. They were vaccinated a while before the sailing. They tested negative within 72 hours prior to boarding, then tested positive a few days into the cruise and were asymptomatic. They were quarantined to their room and contact tracing began along with follow up testing of all passengers. They were flown home at the next port in an air ambulance. It was fully contained.

As for concerts, some big name comedians have announced shows near me and prices are sky high. Springsteen back on Broadway this summer is charging up to $850 for good seats. I’m ready to return to live shows – my sister in law is going to The Foos at the Garden and it wasn’t easy getting a ticket – but am concerned there is pent up demand by audiences, and bands may want to cash in right now. Prices were already ridiculous before the pandemic. The vaccine situation certainly adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

Joanne Garroway


Broadway actually is the place in live entertainment where the seats are tightest, lobbies are tiny, vent systems ancient,  dressing-rooms shared, bathrooms packed, more ppl and musicians performing — and margins the slimmest. This reopening is the test.

Deb Wilker

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