Re-Vaccine Passports


Carlo Riverso


Thanks for this information.

NY has an “Excelsior Pass” with a QR code.

I have mine.

I received a Live Nation update yesterday (March 31) moving a twice moved 2020 James Taylor-Jackson Browne show at Jones Beach from July 10 to August 27.

As for the Infrastructure bill, what I am hearing is White House hopes for passage around Independence Day.

Until I received your email, no knowledge of this passport collusion scheme involving AEG & LiveNation.

I am passing on your email to folks at NYS Attorney General’s office and in Congress.


-Corey Bearak


Are people really surprised by this after 911 gave us the patriot act and airport security?

Now a virus will give us vaccine passports and who knows what else.

Todd Fernandez


Come on “ These states are open for business, they don’t care if you die at a show, you took the risk, don’t ask the government to protect you.”
Take responsibility for yourself and if you are health compromised stay home.  I can’t believe you are going to give up your freedoms with a tracking vaccine passport for a vaccine does not provide immunity!
Mick Barlament


There will be many who wont take it for religious reasons. Many people wont use they are Republican Trumpers who think life is ‘ fake news’ unless its a full stroke of the dick for them!

Thing its Bob.. there’s no way around it or live biz will never return.

Yes.. the mark of the beast is on us.

Check out what China is up to and was 2 years ago when I was there working. Full face recognition cameras everywhere !


One of our drummers Gregg Bissonette had a friend in Shanghai and they were walking down the street and Gregg mentions Chairman Mao and both their phones turned off for 2 days. Others includes -no lights- no credit card to buy food- cant get a flight or gas no one to call to bitch about it and they turn it back on when they think you learned your lesson and … its coming here. Alexa and all that shit is admissible in court so this all makes Orwell child’s play.

Thats what makes the timing of this virus dodgy to me. But .. I will take the shots and pray I dont get ‘ dead arm’ ( bad for guitar players) or worse .. the growth of a 2nd penis and Lord knows the first one got me into enough trouble in my life.

Then if only less than half the people take the virus will it work? You CAN still get it after the shots! Much less likely but…This is not exact science. This is panic science. ‘Hurry UP’ !!!

Praying it works like  charm and all paranoia is for naught. Just keep an eye on patient one with the Vaccine. HOW is HE ( or she) doing???

Be a good time for Jesus AND the Aliens to come. lol

Steve Lukather


A vaccine passport! Hitler would approve. These are YOUR guys, Bob. You asked “WHERE IS THE GOVERNMENT?” Right here!

The people who cried “Keep the government out of our bedrooms!” are saying “Let’s track them! Let’s make a database!”


Jim Edmonston


Hi Bob, from a fan who understands science and the public health aspect, I don’t have a problem with this. The only way to achieve herd immunity is to break the threshold on numbers vaccinated and if people need to be incentivized (call it bribed if you want), fine. It will protect the artists as well as the venue workers and touring staff. Best part for the fans, if someone won’t do their part to protect other people, they are probably the same person who pushes their way to the front and talks during the quiet parts of a song.

Leigh Caputo


I got my last dose yesterday.

I laminated a photo copy of my paper card and took a picture of it.  If the evidence they require is that paper card I am pretty sure there will be a whole underworld of counter fit Covid Cards. You just need whiteout or photoshop.

If you really want to go to a show unvaccinated there will be a way.  Personally why take that risk but hey the microchip I recieved feels pretty great. And now they can track us without our phones. Amazing and they just needed to kill 550K in a year to do it.

Adam Bauer


Trump followers were the ones that were railing against this. your Man Biden is The strawman who doesn’t have a single thought of his own is being run by Facebook, Zuckerberg, Bezos, the 1%
too bad you didn’t see that coming – you voted it in.
Trump supporters weren’t stupid they just believe in freedom. your side is for government & the 1% running everything. Slowly you Democrats will come around and start to see that you made this world what it is.

Marjorie Weir


Don’t worry your pretty little head about it Bob, you can’t affect change on something this big. Michael and the braintrust in live music world will get it sorted and then let us know how it will be mandated. And as far as the Toxic twins and Santos are concerned, fuck them, this is way above their pay-grade and yours.

Olie Kornelsen


An absolutely spot on analysis.  As a musician and producer with friends we both know who need those arena show gigs to pay their own bills after a year of no touring income.. this is gonna suck. I guess we have to thank Irving Azoff, Clive Davis, and their greedy ass buddies for this one. They are probably insider trading on this right now with their wall street brokers in bed with Trump and other “special”
Entitled white Americans. But hey, the Trumpers In Nashville are gonna blame this hot mess on Biden not a predictable scientific phenomenon called a pandemic that Trump not only ignored bit took down the infrastructure others had created to deal with the inevitably of nature attacking man to thin the herd.

Keep up the good fight for the rest of us.

Zannman in Minneapolis


My dad keeps talking about a passport as if it’s something that’s going to be easy because…..”they have to be keeping track of who’s getting the shot”.  I say, dad, they hand you a physical card, there’s no central database of anything involving who’s betting a shot.  You have tens of thousands of places giving shots and there’s zero way any of its trackable.  Not to mention HIPA.  You can’t ask people their medical status correct?  All of a sudden that goes out the window?

Oh the slip side, how about the anti abortion people, who want laws passed to call abortion murder. But on the flip side, stay away from my guns and how dare you make me get a vaccination.

Yea, that’s about it.

Jared Polin


Bob, I really admire your consistency. These vaccine passports are a half-baked idea at best.

What I want to point out is the arrogant hypocrisy of BOTH the Democrates and the Republicans…well politicians in general.

Democrats want every American to have the vaccine passport; Republicans don’t. Republicans want every American to have a National voting/Federal ID card; Democrats don’t. If this should be done or not is an issue I won’t go into. However, pols are hypocrites, the lot of ’em…Do both or don’t. Not do one and don’t do the other.

As I said, at least you are consistent in your views.

Matt Grandi


SUCH BULLSHIT! I’ll keep my ass home. I’m not supporting that system.

Amanda Freedman


Not going to bother to read. Just still waiting on ONE response to the obvious legit question: Are you statists going to mandate them into voting booths or no?

Because clearly if you are you’re being racists (at least that’s what you’ve said historically when we suggest Voter I.D.). And if you aren’t then you’re just admitting that this was never about the virus.

So, which silly answer do you subscribe to preposition mine? Hmmm?


Extremely Sincerely (because this leftism has GOT to be exposed!),

Brian Mitchell


Going to a concert is the least of my worries if a vaccine passport takes hold. It’s just a back door to replicate China’s “social score” system.

Andrew Bleke
Atlanta, GA


I understand your concerns on the logistics of the Vaccine Pasaports,cel phones and all,but BEING CONTROLLED??
If you’ve lived in the Planet, for let’s say, since the beginning of the Century, you MUST know we’re already controlled . Banks, Amazon, Facebook, credit cards,Cel phones,,. etc.. they have all they need.The VP is just one
mote stripe on the tiger’s back… and I welcome it.
It will allow us to travel,be around ” healthy” humans and be able to lead a more” normal” life .. and what’s the big deal ? We have to show ID’s for lots of things… not to mention our regular passports when we travel.
If your concern in reselling tickets.. it’s the buyers responsibility to be able to produce” proof of vaccination “, as when you sell a car, for example, where it is not your concern if he or she has a Driving license, or knows how to drive for that matter.
Si let’s concern ourselves with REAL problems, like those mourning their lost ones, or facing secondary effects, or suffering financial hardships product of this pandemic.

Paul Ehrlich


I find that I’m hit or miss on how often I agree with your take on things – but on this one about requiring vaccine passports I am 100% in agreement with your take on this. Personally, I am not going to get an experimental drug put in my body, especially when I have already had Covid and came through it quite well and now have the anitbodies. That is a personal health decision, not any political decision. But, my philosophy is to each their own, and I respect those that decide they should get the vaccine for themselves. That is what personal freedom, and personal choice, is all about – what our country was founded upon. We are constantly wiping out free speech now, censorship, cancel culture running rabid, and now we are being coerced as promoters to take part in forcing an experimental drug on our citizens as the only way they will be allowed to participate in any of America’s freedoms and commerce. That is unthinkable. Imagine all the parents out there who aren’t comfortable with their kids getting an experimental vaccine and yet the coercion put on these kids to have to get the shot in order to join their friends at a concert.  I will certainly not be participating in something so morally corrupt. You won’t find enforcing vaccine passports at my events, and if it is forced on me by the industry, well I still have a choice to walk away from the industry to save my self-respect.

Paul Thornton


I had to cancel 2 mega-festivals in Europe last year because of Covid. While it hurt I was glad to do it. That’s because my first responsibility as a promoter is the safety of my audience and their families and neighbors.  By definition we concert promoters organize events that are potential super-spreaders.  I certainly had planned to require some kind of vaccine passport in the future.  While, for obvious economic reasons, I’m not happy with Michael’s and Anschuetz’ dominance of the concert touring business, their requirement of vaccine passports in order to attend events is the responsible thing to do.

Kind Regards,

Michael Fisher


You’re sounding like a Republican all of a sudden Bob. You’re freedom…

Danny Jay




Corneilio Austin


Welcome to the Harris-Biden-CCP Amerika.

Sheryl Peterson


This is far bigger than concerts! To say it’s unAmerican is an understatement! This is akin ro the social scoring system of the CCP and we’ll NEVER come back from it, Bob.

Alicin Christensen


You actually said if people go to shows unvaccinated they could die at the show.

First off the vaccine doesn’t even prevent infection!

You don’t trust Apple to keep your information private?  But you Trust any one of these three Vaccine manufacturers…Pfizer (whose dished out Billions in wrongful death and medical injury lawsuits? Moderna, a company whose never got a vaccine approved to market (this MRNA shot is not fully approved by the FDA) or J&J who had to pull all their baby powder due to asbestos? I mean c’mon man if you can’t see this is an Agenda to further control people’s lives then your deserve to lose your freedom over a disease with a 99+% survival rate. Oh and where did the Flu go this year? The media tells us it’s done 98% ha — complete mockery!

Mark N. Foley


wtf Bob are u an anti vaxer!? Get the fucking vaccine! Everyone should be vaccinated. Selfish ignorant assholes too!



The business world has concerts too; they are called Tradeshows. All of the Tradeshow hawkers are pushing their Q3 and Q4 2021 shows like it was 1999. We have major countries in lockdown, and they just ignore that. We have spikes across the USA, they ignore that too. We have killer variants and undefined vaccine efficacies. All ignored to make a buck. Will the airlines and rideshares require passports ? Will the Tradeshows require them? Are the hospitals prepared for the return-to-work parade ? Will employers excuse their workers with preexisting conditions who are afraid to stand in a booth with the masses? There will be more tussles with freedom fighters and Karen’s on airplanes, groceries and no doubt in the convention centers too. This is far from over.

Micah Sheveloff


Bob –  I don’t think that LiveNation and AEG, or anyone else should be developing Vaccine Passports.

This is a very frightening slippery slope towards total government control and lack of personal privacy.  Historically, viruses tend to disappear after a couple of years (as with the SARs virus.). Are we going to put a new intrusive system in place now…that won’t be needed, maybe even next year….just to start concerts a little earlier?   We are supposed to live in a country where you are free to go anywhere at any time.   Are we going to create a “caste” system?   Are we going back to East Germany – “In order for you to pass – you must show me your papers?”   That is really frightening.

And what is next – you can’t go somewhere because you don’t have your flu shot…your shingles vaccine…or some other point in your medical history that is now in the hands of the government?

After 911 we lost a lot of freedoms in our country.  This Covid epidemic will pass…and we will be back to normal at some point in time.  We need to be very careful, that we also don’t lose our Constitutional rights to privacy and freedom at the same time.  Vaccine Passports are the first step in a movement towards a real 1984 Orwellian Society.  Wear masks, social distance, get the vaccine if you wish, and let herd immunity build….as it has done with every other virus in our history.

Thomas Earl


We can’t have vaccine passports soon enough as far as I concerned. They will be our ticket to normalcy again.

Actually, *vaccine passport* is a bad term. Vaccination certification (or verification) would be better. Better yet, in Israel (which is leading the world in vaccination) it’s called a Green Pass. There are some businesses, like restaurants, gyms, cruise ships, movie theaters, … and, yes, concerts, that will never be able to fully recover until people feel safe returning to them. My wife and I haven’t dined indoors at a restaurant or gone to a gym or movie theater or concert in over a year. To reassure their customers (and employees), businesses may want to require that their customers be vaccinated. It’s entirely up to them. Governors ordering *reopening* doesn’t mean customers will return if they don’t feel safe. Last year air travel had fallen by something like 90% before any government restrictions were put in place. The NBA put its season on hold before the first state restrictions on public gatherings. Everyone is free to fly these days. But they aren’t.

By summer, it should be possible for everyone who wants to get vaccinated to do so. (I got my second Moderna shot on Tuesday.) Some form of vaccination certification that can’t be faked would be of great utility. Let the free market flourish. If cruise ship operators want to operate fully vaccinated cruises, let them do it. If the anti-vaxxers want to do their own thing, go for it. (“We’ll always have Sturgis ❤️.”) A Green Pass would allow people to make those choices. I know a couple of prominent restauranteurs who are desperate for some form of vaccination certification. For them, it means FREEDOM … from bankruptcy.

Privacy concerns are bogus. Businesses don’t get your health records. It’s binary – you have or haven’t been vaccinated. Green light, red light. That requires some kind of trusted third party. Ideally, that would be the federal government, but our anti-government ideology runs so deep in this country, we’re hobbled from doing anything like that. It will probably have to be some private sector initiative.

The choice isn’t between returning to normal with a Green Pass or without a Green Pass. It’s between staying stuck in this zombieland or opening back up safely. I can’t wait to get back into a packed, sweaty rock club. But I won’t be going unless the club requires vaccination and has a means of enforcing it. If someone doesn’t want to get vaccinated, they can go to a Ted Nugent concert.

It’s disappointing to see you lining up with the Majorie Taylor Greene’s and Ron DeSantis’s of this world. I’m glad we don’t have to worry about smallpox or polio anymore. I look forward to not having to worry about covid.

Russ Daggatt


Everyone should be safe and should get vaccinated.

Freedom comes with responsibility as the saying goes. Those republican numb-nuts who still think the virus is hoax, clearly never read the memo that in order to live free they need to exercise responsibility and that means among other things, not exposing friends, family and the public to any viruses they happen to be infected with.

Conceptually, the idea of vaccine passports makes sense. But bigger thinkers than us mere mortals need to work out the logistics to be fair to everyone who exercises responsibility.

The hoops and ‘insider trading’ that AEG and Live Nation put in place are symptomatic of the arcane and crappy backend systems they have in place for ticket distribution. And Tickmaster’s ticketing system is ‘F*@king Crap’ and has been for 40 years. It’s the reason I don’t go to concerts that much anymore: 45 minute processing waits on Ticketmaster just to get dropped and then have to go to the back of the line to start all over again: Exhibit A: the ‘Adele’ online ticket experience in New York.

Your piece on vaccine passports aggravates a deep, festering scab that many concert goers carry with them when it comes to the concert ticketing experience and what follows. There are so many issues to untangle and unpack here. But the big headline is that AEG and Live Nation are NOT in the business of propagating safe live music performances. I’d love to be a ‘fly on the wall’ at a brand purpose workshop or  purpose discussion at these organizations and hear them tie themselves up in knots as they try to hammer out a consumer-driven brand purpose statement. They could start with the concept of ‘frictionless’.

There again, they’re not the type of organizations that would ever take that step or think that way.


andy jones


i don’t know why i’m responding, you think i’m an asshat and you won’t read this. maybe i’l write it to get it off my chest and save it to have on hand for others.

bob, your right but you missed the point.

this is COMPLETELY FUCKING WRONG on a million levels

as a jew this should really fuck with you.

“papers please”

instead of a star on your arm you get a app on your phone


they’r creating two classes of citizens.
people who wanna take part in a medical experiment and those who don’t.
“them” and us.
“they’r” not like us….we’r better then “them”

and the same people still get all insulted by racism and segregation.
fucking hypocritical assholes.

i know you think i’m a piece of shit “conspiracy” guy because i dare to question vaccines but fuck you very much anyway.
if ya wanna find out who rules over you just find out who you’r not allowed to question.

if you wanna go along with the herd and say stupid shit all the time like “speak truth to power” that’s fine but when shit gets weird and billionaires and government get pushy you better have the balls to ask REAL questions and push back or else shut the fuck up bob lefsetz.

traditional vaccines have countless problems. there are plenty of documentaries and books on this topic. get educated.

if you don’t wanna ask tough questions that’s fine, maybe it’s not in your nature, maybe you’r heavily fluoridated and brainwashed, which is fine, you’r not alone.

me? i’d rather have questions that cant be answered then answers that can’t be questioned.

and questions about this CV vax are not allowed to be asked.

that’s what we have here with this ridiculous 1984 nightmare we’r living through because more people who COULD stand up DONT because they’r too afraid or too complacent.
people wonder how the nazi’s got so far…as they roll up their sleeves and do what they’r told. it’s happening right in front of you. THIS is how it happens.

for starters, for the rookies, for the love of god, this is NOT a fucking vaccine!
it’s a gene tool.

as set forth by the US center for disease control and prevention a “vaccine” is defined as;
“a product that stimulates a persons immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from the disease ”
“immunity” is defined as protection from an infection or disease. Which means that if a person is immune they can be exposed to a disease and they will not develop an infection from it.

GOT IT?!?!?

these shots were never even tested to do that and both pfizer and moderna state this CLEARLY!!!!!!!!

That’s why you still have to wear a fucking mask, fucking gloves and fucking socially distance even after you get the shot.  they were not tested to stop transmission. they were tested to reduce symptoms. mild to moderate symptoms. that’s it.

but paid actors in the media still call it a vaccine and the lie continues to be sold because most, including you, are too clueless to question the TV or the newspaper.

it’s an experimental gene tool.
the FDA currently considers mRNA technology to be “gene therapy”.
and experimental gene therapy at that.
look at moderna’s SEC filing. it clearly states that this is a gene therapy.

now, i’m supposed to participate in gene therapy so i can go hear roger daltry sing “won’t get fooled again”?!?!

i’m supposed to volunteer in a medical experiment so i’m PERMITTED to go see damien marley sing “get up stand up”?!?!

all for a product that was rushed through with a name as utterly moronic as “operation warp speed” !?!
Is this a stupid fucking joke for idiots and retards?

this shot is not even approved by the FDA!
It’s only authorized by a bureaucratic act.

The human trials won’t be over until 2023 and I’m supposed to “trust” the government and the pharmaceutical companies and participate in this experiment now so I can go see music?!

wait a minute, aren’t these the same companies that have paid out billions of dollars in damages for their other failed products, falsified safety studies and suppressed known problems and side effects?


And isn’t this the same government that’s constantly lying to the people, coercing the masses and involved in scandal after scandal because of lies, collusion, crony capitalism, and good old fashion incompetence?!?!


what if something goes wrong and I have an adverse reaction? What if it happens in a few years from now and I come down with some weird problem with my DNA or some new unidentified auto immune disease?  what if thousands of others like me get it and we find out the companies knew all along…..can we file class action suit like all the commercials on tv?


oh that’s right, everyone involved is completely protected from liability.
hmmm…is that good incentive to make a safe product?

I cant sue the manufacturer of the shot, I cannot sue the doctor, I cannot sue the venue, I cannot sue the government, I can’t fucking sue anyone if anything goes wrong.

Can you think of anyone else less trustworthy to be in charge of your health then the fucking government?!?!
paired with a multi trillion dollar corporation KNOWN FOR DECEIT AND FAILED PRODUCTS??!!!

Are people out of their fucking minds?
does the Nuremberg code mean anything to anyone?!?

You’d have to have your head completely removed from your body and stuffed all the way up your ass to actually think this is a good idea

so now you have a shot that’s so safe people have to be coerced to take it for a disease that’s so deadly you have to be tested to know if you have it.

these are the obvious facts. Nothing that I’m saying should be considered controversial.

these are an academic set of facts that I just laid out in front of you, but i will still be seen as a tin foil hat asshole who doesn’t trust the government because i’m a “conspiracy theorist”.

i love that govt and pharma have a history of fraud, lies and deception and negligence and now it’a a “theory” that they might do it again.
people are so stupid.

well maybe i am wearing a tin hat but at least I won’t be a mutant in a coffin.

this is only happening because people tolerate it and refuse to ask TOUGH questions and demand answers.

I am speaking truth to power!! and i’m in good company.
pete seeger and woody guthrie would be RIGHT HERE WITH ME!!!

i’m ashamed to even be associated with live music. this is a dark day.

this was never about a virus. this is about power, technocracy, control and the great reset.
we’r fucked and few are paying attention.
and that’s how it happens.  maybe they’l let me keep my harmonica when i get to the concentration camp.

Jeremy Backofen


Wishing this was an April fool’s post!

Joe Kramer

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